Chrome Time Machine: See the Old Look of Chrome Browser

Time flies, it’s been 4 years since Google Chrome browser first launched in 2008.  I was one of those users who installed the tried the debut browser in 2008.  But many of the current Chrome users may be new comers, this is why Google launched a Chrome Time Machine to let us review the development history of Chrome.  The links that show up send you to individual blog posts on the Google Chrome Blog.

Chrome Time Machine

Chrome is definitely one of the most successful product of Google.  It is now a major player in the web browser market, in some areas it is even the biggest one with over 50% market share.

Chrome browser

Interestingly, this Time Machine seems to be a fan-only celebration of the 4th anniversary.  I loaded the URL into two other browsers, and got a blank page in Internet Explorer 9 and a “This site was designed with Chrome in mind and is unable to render properly in your browser” message in Firefox 15.


See it here:

Piano Google Chrome Themes and Web Apps

In this Google Chrome theme and web app review post, I’ll introduce some Chrome themes and web apps related to piano.

I have never played piano and have no intention to learn, but I have to say piano is one of the best musical instruments.  The sound piano produces is great, the music that could be played with a piano range from simple to complex ones.  Despite that piano is less mobile than many other instruments, it is one of the most learned and favored musical instrument.  The black and white keyboard is a signature inspired many innovative home decoration, product design and graphical design.


Piano Chrome Themes

Piano Chrome Theme

Black and White Piano


Colorful Piano Keys Theme

Colorful Piano Keys Theme


Piano 2.2 Theme

Piano 2.2 Theme


Piano Web Apps

Plypp Piano is a nice piano keyboard app with over 100000 users.  It can produce the sound of 5 musical instruments, Ballad Grand Piano, Guitar, Harpsichord, Panflute and Sawtooth.  The beauty of this app is, unlike many other apps, that it uses HTML5 technology so it should run faster.  There is a built-in chord finder to let players easily find the chord he or she wants.

Plypp Piano Chrome Web App

Chrome Web Store:


ButtonBeats Piano Player is another great piano web app with 80000+ users.  It has a killer feature that if you type in a song in the text field the piano could automatically play the song without you pressing a key.  This web app has a large collection of songs including pop songs, arcade game background music and classical music.  Simply copy and paste the note and click play to enjoy the song.

ButtonBeats Piano Player Web App

Chrome Web Store:


Color Piano! is a great web app for learning piano.  You don’t even need to learn reading sheet music!  It’s like playing tap tap tap game, you simply follow the visualized colorful notes to play.  This web app includes an import function so you can load MIDI files into it to play (the MIDI file must be piano-only).

Color Piano Web App

Chrome Web Store:


Info and image source: Chrome Web Store 

2012 Olympics Google Doodle Round-up

The 2012 London Olympics ended, we shall see this spectacular sports event 4 years later in Brazil.  If you watched the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, you probably would agree that it is a great way to bid farewell to this event.

Google also marked the completion of this event with a new doodle.  Let us have a look at all the 2012 Olympics Google Doodles now (for playable ones you can go to the official site to play again):

Opening Ceremony Google Doodle


Olympics Archery Google Doodle


Olympics Diving Google Doodle


Olympics Fencing Google Doodle


Olympics Rings Google Doodle


Olympics Field Hockey Google Doodle


Olympics Table Tennis Google Doodle


Olympics Shot Put Google Doodle


Olympics Pole Vault Google Doodle


Olympics Synchronized Swimming Google Doodle


Olympics Javelin Google Doodle


Google Doodle - 2012 Olympics Hurdle


Google Doodle - 2012 Olympics Basketball


Olympics Google Doodle - Slalom Canoe


2012 Olympics Google Doodle - Soccer


Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics Google Doodle


Olympics Closing Ceremony Google Doodle


The featured sports are archery, diving, fencing, rings, field hockey, table tennis, shot put, pole vault, synchronized swimming, javelin, hurdles, basketball, slalom canoe, soccer (European football) and rhythmic gymnastics.  The characters in the previous doodles reappeared in the doodle for closing ceremony to say goodbye to the Olympics.

Of all these 2012 Olympics Google doodles, I like the slalom canoe one (for playable) and synchronized swimming one (for static).  The canoe doodle is the most exciting of them all, I could play it several times in the office without knowing that my boss is watching behind my back.  The synchronized swimming doodle is great because the first “0” is made with the 8 players in a perfect circle.  Which one is your favorite?


Image Source: Google Doodle Page

Yet Another Playable Olympics Google Doodle – Soccer

Google brings the 4th mini game doodle for 2012 Olympics!  This time it is a soccer game.  As a gatekeeper, your task is to block the shots.  Move left and right and jump to catch as many balls as you can.

2012 Olympics Google Doodle - Soccer

The game ends when you lose 3 points (i.e. 3 goals by the computer-controlled player).  There will be five footballs on the grass, but don’t think that you only need to block 5 shots.  If you successfully blocked the ball, it may bounce back and ready for the other player to kick it again.

2012 Olympics Google Doodle - Play Soccer (Football)

What makes this doodle interesting is the way the G o o g l e alphabets are displayed.  Unlike in most other doodles, the letters are divided into two groups, i.e. “Goo” and “gle”, and placed on both sides of the gate.

Soccer (called as “football” in the United Kingdom and many parts of the world) is a hot topic for doodles.  Over the years Google created some soccer doodles.  You can have a look at them by searching for keywords like “football”, “soccer” and “goalie” in

You can play this game at or wait for 10 August 2012 comes in your local time.

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