10 shiny pop music star Chrome themes, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber…

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Time for a Chrome facelift again!  Last week I introduced 10 awesome Japanese anime Chrome themes.  My friends liked them a lot.  This week, I selected another 10 pop culture Chrome themes, this time all for pop music stars and groups.  These are only some of the themes/stars I like, by no means exhaustive.  I’ll come back with more pop star themes in the future!


Justin Bieber Chrome Theme

Justin Bieber

Avril Lavigne Chrome Theme

Avril Lavigne Sexy Theme (this is 1024×768 resolution, larger theme is available in Chrome store)

Lady GaGa 2 Chrome Theme

Lady GaGa 2


Lady GaGa 4 Chrome Theme

Why Lady GaGa again?  I just love her so much!

Katy Perry Chrome Theme

Katy Perry

Birtney Spears Chrome Theme

Britney Spears

Metallica Chrome Theme

Metallica 86

Eninem Chrome Theme


Mariah Carey Chrome Theme

Mariah Carey

Chris Brown Chrome Theme

Chris Brown

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