2012 Olympics Google Doodle Round-up

The 2012 London Olympics ended, we shall see this spectacular sports event 4 years later in Brazil.  If you watched the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, you probably would agree that it is a great way to bid farewell to this event.

Google also marked the completion of this event with a new doodle.  Let us have a look at all the 2012 Olympics Google Doodles now (for playable ones you can go to the official site to play again):

Opening Ceremony Google Doodle


Olympics Archery Google Doodle


Olympics Diving Google Doodle


Olympics Fencing Google Doodle


Olympics Rings Google Doodle


Olympics Field Hockey Google Doodle


Olympics Table Tennis Google Doodle


Olympics Shot Put Google Doodle


Olympics Pole Vault Google Doodle


Olympics Synchronized Swimming Google Doodle


Olympics Javelin Google Doodle


Google Doodle - 2012 Olympics Hurdle


Google Doodle - 2012 Olympics Basketball


Olympics Google Doodle - Slalom Canoe


2012 Olympics Google Doodle - Soccer


Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics Google Doodle


Olympics Closing Ceremony Google Doodle


The featured sports are archery, diving, fencing, rings, field hockey, table tennis, shot put, pole vault, synchronized swimming, javelin, hurdles, basketball, slalom canoe, soccer (European football) and rhythmic gymnastics.  The characters in the previous doodles reappeared in the doodle for closing ceremony to say goodbye to the Olympics.

Of all these 2012 Olympics Google doodles, I like the slalom canoe one (for playable) and synchronized swimming one (for static).  The canoe doodle is the most exciting of them all, I could play it several times in the office without knowing that my boss is watching behind my back.  The synchronized swimming doodle is great because the first “0” is made with the 8 players in a perfect circle.  Which one is your favorite?


Image Source: Google Doodle Page

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