Acer AC700 WiFi Chromebook release on 11 July, 3G version uncertain

AC700 WiFi Release on 11 July

I reported that Acer’s Chromebooks would be delayed to July and August.  Finally, Amazon has now provided a solid release date of Acer’s AC700 WiFi Chromebook: 11 July 2011, i.e. 3 days later.  The price remains the same at $349.99.  On the other hand, 3G version has no solid date of release.  The price tag has been removed as well.  I hope this is not a signal that the 3G version would be further delayed.

AC700 3G no price & release date

In my opinion, the WiFi version has the best value to money.  It’s not expensive at all comparing with other netbooks and notebooks, yet it has HDMI output.  If you want to experience the cloud power, check out these Chromebooks in Amazon Store now!

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