Apple’s media streaming service, iCloud?

iCloud re-branded to CloudMe, the coming of Apple's iCloud service?

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If Apple wants to launch a product, how would the product be named?  i(something), right?   And if the product is about cloud services, what would be the most likely name?   iCloud, of course.

Now, rumors had that Apple is building exactly this kind of product with exactly this name.  According to Giga Om, the owner of the domain name has recently re-branded their online storage service to CloudMe, while was sold to Apple at $4.5M (according to Gigi Om’s anonymous source).  TechCrunch got a non-denial reply from this CloudMe company.  Engadget reported that Apple’s going to launch an online music streaming service in near future.

Putting all these pieces together, it’s quite likely that Apple’s working on some kind of cloud service.  And it’s a reasonable guess that music streaming would be the main focus since Apple already has agreements with different companies for its iTunes store.


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