2012 Olympics Google Doodle Round-up

The 2012 London Olympics ended, we shall see this spectacular sports event 4 years later in Brazil.  If you watched the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, you probably would agree that it is a great way to bid farewell to this event.

Google also marked the completion of this event with a new doodle.  Let us have a look at all the 2012 Olympics Google Doodles now (for playable ones you can go to the official site to play again):

Opening Ceremony Google Doodle


Olympics Archery Google Doodle


Olympics Diving Google Doodle


Olympics Fencing Google Doodle


Olympics Rings Google Doodle


Olympics Field Hockey Google Doodle


Olympics Table Tennis Google Doodle


Olympics Shot Put Google Doodle


Olympics Pole Vault Google Doodle


Olympics Synchronized Swimming Google Doodle


Olympics Javelin Google Doodle


Google Doodle - 2012 Olympics Hurdle


Google Doodle - 2012 Olympics Basketball


Olympics Google Doodle - Slalom Canoe


2012 Olympics Google Doodle - Soccer


Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics Google Doodle


Olympics Closing Ceremony Google Doodle


The featured sports are archery, diving, fencing, rings, field hockey, table tennis, shot put, pole vault, synchronized swimming, javelin, hurdles, basketball, slalom canoe, soccer (European football) and rhythmic gymnastics.  The characters in the previous doodles reappeared in the doodle for closing ceremony to say goodbye to the Olympics.

Of all these 2012 Olympics Google doodles, I like the slalom canoe one (for playable) and synchronized swimming one (for static).  The canoe doodle is the most exciting of them all, I could play it several times in the office without knowing that my boss is watching behind my back.  The synchronized swimming doodle is great because the first “0” is made with the 8 players in a perfect circle.  Which one is your favorite?


Image Source: Google Doodle Page

Yet Another Playable Olympics Google Doodle – Soccer

Google brings the 4th mini game doodle for 2012 Olympics!  This time it is a soccer game.  As a gatekeeper, your task is to block the shots.  Move left and right and jump to catch as many balls as you can.

2012 Olympics Google Doodle - Soccer

The game ends when you lose 3 points (i.e. 3 goals by the computer-controlled player).  There will be five footballs on the grass, but don’t think that you only need to block 5 shots.  If you successfully blocked the ball, it may bounce back and ready for the other player to kick it again.

2012 Olympics Google Doodle - Play Soccer (Football)

What makes this doodle interesting is the way the G o o g l e alphabets are displayed.  Unlike in most other doodles, the letters are divided into two groups, i.e. “Goo” and “gle”, and placed on both sides of the gate.

Soccer (called as “football” in the United Kingdom and many parts of the world) is a hot topic for doodles.  Over the years Google created some soccer doodles.  You can have a look at them by searching for keywords like “football”, “soccer” and “goalie” in http://www.google.com/doodles.

You can play this game at http://www.google.com/doodles/soccer-2012 or wait for 10 August 2012 comes in your local time.

Olympics Google Doodle – Play Slalom Canoe Now

The third playable Olympics Google doodle in a row!  Today (8 Aug 2012) tabled a mini game doodle which lets users play slalom canoe.  Use your keyboard to paddle down the water course!

Olympics Google Doodle - Slalom Canoe

As a player your task is to press the left and right keys on the keyboard to accelerate.  However, the water course is not straight, there are also other obstructions such as gates, rocks and water animals(!) you need to get around.  Use the left and right keys to make a good course.  I would say this is by far the most addictive Google doodle mini game of this year’s Olympics.  And you risk hurting your wrist and having tired fingers.  The quality of this game is not bad, you can see ripples behind the kayak generated as you paddle.

Olympics Google Doodle - Playing Slalom Canoe

Interestingly, the slalom canoe events were already completed.  According to the info box that appears if you search for “slalom canoe” or “canoe slalom” in Google, the winners were all born.  The events began on 29 July and ended on 2 August.  I won’t say it is a problem to show a doodle for an event in the past but certainly if a current event’s doodle is displayed it would be better.

Again, to enjoy this game you’ll have to wait until 9 Aug 2012 in local time or go to this web site: http://www.google.com/doodles/slalom-canoe-2012 if you can’t wait to play.  Have fun!


Google Doodle for Olympics – Basketball Mini Game

Mini game Google Doodle for the 2012 London Olympics again!  After reviewing yesterday’s hurdle doodle, today I have yet another interactive Google doodle to share with you.  The doodle of the day (8 Aug 2012) is basketball!

Google Doodle - 2012 Olympics Basketball

Same as yesterday’s doodle, click the central play button to start the game.  Simply press the left button of the mouse or the space bar, hold and release to shoot.  The longer you hold the button or key the stronger the power is.  You need a few shots to get the feeling.  As the game proceeds the player will be moved away from the ring, making the game tougher.  You have 24 seconds to fire as many shots as possible, you can see the time countdown and the score you get on the score board at the back.  The own audience in the doodle are the 6 “G” “o” “o” “g” “l” “e” alphabets, but if you feel like sharing the game and your score with your friends, you can click the Google+ button at the end of the game to shout it out.

Again, the game is available on 8 August 2012 at local time.  If you want to play the game before it is made available to your time zone, go to this place: http://www.google.com/doodles/basketball-2012 to enjoy!  Before I end this post, let’s review the previous Olympics basketball doodles.  It is probably easier to pick an “animal” to represent China and Australia (dragon and kangaroo) than to find one to represent the UK, right?
2008 Olympics Basketball Google Doodle

2000 Sydney Olympics Basketball Google Doodle

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