Free E-book: Chrome OS 101 – Beginner’s Guide to Chromebooks

Updated and Expanded version of this e-book is out now:


Chrome OS 101 - Beginner's Guide to Chromebooks

I’m happy to announce that the first e-book created by me is now available for download.  This book, Chrome OS 101 – Beginner’s Guide to Chromebooks, is specially written for new Chromebook owners and those who consider buying one.  It guides you through the transition from traditional operation systems to Chrome OS.  What are included:

  • Introduction to Chrome OS
  • Its advantages and disadvantages
  • Test: Are you Chrome-ready?
  • Choosing your Chrome OS device
  • Alternatives (other web-centric systems)
  • Getting to know the interface and hardware
  • Switch 101 – How to do everything in Chrome OS?

This 100 page e-book is given out free of charge to celebrate the 100th day of this blog.  All I ask you to help is to spread a word about this blog via Twitter or Facebook (Thanks! It means so much to a new blog like this!). Click the button below and follow the instructions, you’ll have this e-book downloaded instantly.  Feel free to tell me if you have any comment about this book.

Finally, enjoy!

Switch 101 for Chrome OS, Free Ebook Giveaway Coming Soon

Chrome OS - Nothing but the Web


UPDATE: The e-book is available for download now!  Get your copy here!


Cloud High Club was found on 1 March 2011.  It just passed the first 100 days!  Hurray!  To celebrate, I have been working hard on an ebook for giving away to all my visitors.  It is a guidebook for new Chrome OS users.  It will include the following content:

  • Introduction to Chrome OS
  • It’s pros and cons
  • Selection of chromebooks
  • Alternatives to Chrome OS (i.e. other web-centric systems)
  • Get to know the hardware and user interface
  • Guide to migrating files to Chrome OS
  • Switch 101: how to do everything in Chrome OS, settings, web apps, etc.

It was built on my experience of using Chrome OS on the Cr-48 Chromebook for months.  I hope everyone would love this.  Stay tuned!  It’ll be available in a few days for FREE!

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