Piano Google Chrome Themes and Web Apps

In this Google Chrome theme and web app review post, I’ll introduce some Chrome themes and web apps related to piano.

I have never played piano and have no intention to learn, but I have to say piano is one of the best musical instruments.  The sound piano produces is great, the music that could be played with a piano range from simple to complex ones.  Despite that piano is less mobile than many other instruments, it is one of the most learned and favored musical instrument.  The black and white keyboard is a signature inspired many innovative home decoration, product design and graphical design.


Piano Chrome Themes

Piano Chrome Theme

Black and White Piano


Colorful Piano Keys Theme

Colorful Piano Keys Theme


Piano 2.2 Theme

Piano 2.2 Theme


Piano Web Apps

Plypp Piano is a nice piano keyboard app with over 100000 users.  It can produce the sound of 5 musical instruments, Ballad Grand Piano, Guitar, Harpsichord, Panflute and Sawtooth.  The beauty of this app is, unlike many other apps, that it uses HTML5 technology so it should run faster.  There is a built-in chord finder to let players easily find the chord he or she wants.

Plypp Piano Chrome Web App

Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hofckkgpnnjabffkjemconojemcibifh


ButtonBeats Piano Player is another great piano web app with 80000+ users.  It has a killer feature that if you type in a song in the text field the piano could automatically play the song without you pressing a key.  This web app has a large collection of songs including pop songs, arcade game background music and classical music.  Simply copy and paste the note and click play to enjoy the song.

ButtonBeats Piano Player Web App

Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lkmkonkgohgomnnkaclbiammkcjenfdi


Color Piano! is a great web app for learning piano.  You don’t even need to learn reading sheet music!  It’s like playing tap tap tap game, you simply follow the visualized colorful notes to play.  This web app includes an import function so you can load MIDI files into it to play (the MIDI file must be piano-only).

Color Piano Web App

Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ihmigmmflfcbhdpdgbkkeojchjhhphnh


Info and image source: Chrome Web Store 

Chrome Experiments Bring Magic to Mobile

Have you heard of Chrome Experiments before?  It is a web site showcasing what open technologies could do.  There are many interactive web pages and games on this site created with open technologies including HTML5, Canvas, SVG, and WebGL.

Chrome Experiments Mobile

Now this site has gone mobile.  You could see what the web could do without Java or Flash not only on you desktop or laptop computer, but your mobile too.  Despite mobile phones have less powerful specifications, they are capable to impress you.  Check out the following video to see what Chrome Experiments are.

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Ready for Euro Cup? Get These Chrome Soccer Apps & Extensions

UEFA Euro Cup 2102 is coming!  In this modern era, enjoying soccer matches no longer means staying in front of the TV only.  Let’s get online for latest news and info about this major sports event!

There is a soccer collection within Chrome Web Store. Here are a few of the best soccer web apps I found there:

UEFA EURO 2012 TM by Carlsberg

Chrome Web App: UEFA Euro 2012 by Carlsberg

This app provides live commentary, group tables and player profiles.  Besides, there is a video library featuring road to the UEFA EURO 2012 videos, players to watch, venue guides and press conferences during the competition.




This app is not only designed for Euro 2012 but other sports activities as well.  It has a Euro section which provides real-time information including scores, statistics, video clips and news.  You can even see pop-ups for red cards as the matches progress!  The information could be shared with your friends right within this app.



365Scores Notifier

Chrome Extension - 365Scores Notifier for UEFA Euro 2012

This Chrome extension is a mini information hub for all sports fans who want to keep track of latest news.  If you click on the extension’s icon, a pop-up window will show the scores and news of latest matches.  You can specify your favorite teams for receiving notifications.




Chrome Web App - ESPN FC

This is another web app providing latest Euro 2012 news and statistics.  It is the soccer web app by ESPN, so even after Euro 2012 you could continue to run this web app for other soccer information.



Striker Manager

This online game has over 100,000 users installed in their Chrome browser.  It is a multiplayer football manager game.  Although it is not Euro-specific, I like this game since you can play it with your friends.



Images and web apps from Chrome Web Store

Relaxpls: Web Screen Saver With Soothing Scenery and Sound

Tired to sit in front of the computer for long hours?  Want to relax your eyes and ears?  The web app introduced today brings soothing scenery and sound to your computer.  It is a web app that you do not have to install.  Simply go to the site and enjoy the comfortable image and natural sound.


Relaxpls: A Web Screen Saver With Soothing Scenery and Sound

Relaxpls has one and only feature – to bring you beautiful natural photos and natural sound to calm you down and relax your mind.  The natural scene changes frequently.  The sound you hear is birds, wind and running water, those you could hear if you have a walk in the woods.  You can mute the sound by clicking an icon on the web page if you simply need to freshen your eyes without the sound.

So how can it work as a screen saver?  Most modern browsers have a full screen mode.  For example, in Chrome in Windows you can view a web page in full screen by pressing F11 key.  You can also click the wrench icon in Chrome, then click the full screen icon to the right of the Zoom option.  Then the screen will be filled by the beautiful natural environment.

Relaxpls - Web Screen Saver With Soothing Scenery and Sound

I can think of two good uses of Relaxpls.  Firstly, it is particularly useful as a screen saver on a Chromebook.  Chrome OS does not provide a mechanism for changing the screen saver.  Relaxpls is a good alternative to the default one.  Secondly, it could be used as a meditation tool.  The images and sound massage your eyes and ears, take pressure out of you after hours of work.


Official Site: http://relaxpls.com/

Chrome Web App: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/npmnpijamnjkmkcpfkadpmdhhehabcld

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