VHX.tv – Online Video Sharing and Discovery

Today’s featured social web app is VHX, a place where you can discover and share video online.  This web app features an easy-to-use interface that makes watching and sharing video on popular social sites and media sites extremely easy.


Online Video Sharing and Discovery Made Easy

So what is this VHX all about?  First of all, it is a video watching portal.  The web app brings you the popular video clips being shared by people on the internet.  You can quite some channels such as movie trailers, BuzzFeed and Staff Picks chosen by VHX staff and watch instantly in the browser window.

VHX - Online Video Sharing and Discovery

But there is more about this web app.  By linking your accounts on social platforms to VHX, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, you can enjoy the video shared by your friends.  So you don’t have to go here and there, just one web app to enjoy video on all platforms.  It also has a Reddit channel that does not require your Reddit credentials.

VHX - Online Video Sharing and Discovery - Reddit channel

A third source of finding video on VHX is by sharing.  Users can add a bookmarklet in their browser to share any video found on a web site to VHX.

VHX - Online Video Sharing and Discovery - Post to Social Sites

This web app is not only designed for instant watching.  You can put video in your queue for watching later.  And if you discovered any great stuff, simply click share to post it to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to invite your friends to view it.



I like the idea of VHX because it does not simply scrape popular video on the internet, just like the TwitTV I introduced before.  The core idea of VHX is crowdsourcing and sharing.  The web app itself does not need to monitor the video sharing trend on popular sites, it simply rely on its users and their friends.  I particularly like the simple user interface of it.  Tablet users should find it easy to navigate around.

VHX - Online Video Sharing and Discovery

Official Site: http://vhx.tv

[chrome extension] +Music brings music streaming to Facebook

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Don’t get confused, this Chrome extension does not work with Google+.  +Music is a Facebook only tool.  While we are yet to see some music service embedded in Facebook (which could be a good source of income), this extension fills the gap.


+Music: Plays Music as a Chrome Extension

Even without Facebook, +Music is a nice music player.  It rests silently on the extension toolbar, but when you click on it, a music player that rocks your house pops up.  You search music by artist.

Plusmusic Extension Search Artist

Another convenient way to do a search is right-clicking any text on a web page and select +Music.

Plusmusic Search by Right-click


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Official Netflix support finally arrived on Chromebook!

Yes, your wait is over.  As told by Melissa Daniels, Chrome OS Community Manager, Netflix official support is available in the latest Chrome OS update.  There is an official support page.

Getting Netflix on your Chromebook is easy.  Make sure you have the latest Chrome OS update, go to netflix.com on Chromebook, log-in as usual and enjoy!  You can even press the maximize key on the Chromebook to enjoy a fullscreen playback.

Netflix on Chrome OS Chromebook

So can every Chromebook use this feature?  The answer is yes.  It is supported by Acer’s AC700 and Samsung’s Series 5 Chromebook.  Even the old Cr-48 Chromebooks can do it, but in standard definition only.

Chromebook vs Win-PC: web app equivalents to 9 Windows default applications

Default Windows apps such as calculator, paint and Windows Media Player


There have been many people who asked me how to do this or that in Chrome.  Some veteran windows users think that unlike Windows PC that comes with default applications out-of-the-box, Chromebook is for browsing web pages only and has no “applications”.

This is certainly not true.  Today I’m going to introduce a bunch of essential web apps and Chrome extensions that Chromebook users could use to perform tasks same as using equivalent Windows default applications.  You’ll learn that Chromebook is not just a web kiosk.  It’s a computer with great power!

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