Chrome Extension: Almighty YouTube Options Gives You Full Control of the Player

Weeks ago I wrote a blog post about 10 useful tools to enhance YouTube Performance.  In that article I introduced some Chrome extensions and web apps that give you greater control of the YouTube Player.  Today I’m going to introduce a Chrome extension which has the aggregate power of a few similar extensions.

YouTube Options: Powerful Chrome Extension to Customize YouTube Player

YouTube Options has the following functions, according to the official page in Chrome Web Store:

  • disable in-video ads
  • disable annotations
  • auto-play in Flash formatted YouTube videos
  • pre-load YouTube Flash videos when using the disable auto-play option (to pre-buffer the video)
  • set desired viewing size/aspect ratio
  • set desired resolution (up to 1920×1080)
  • auto sync aspect ratio to resolution
  • load all videos using https protocol
  • disabling header
  • removing video title, description, user comments, videos sidebar, footer, playlist and branding
  • matting background or matting and hiding everything on the page except the video

It’s almost almighty, isn’t it?  Beside YouTube, it works with other video web sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, G4TV, FEARnet, Funny or Die and others.

It has a download function for converting YouTube video into FLV, MP4, WebM and 3GP formats, but due to contradiction with Google’s policy the version in Chrome Web Store has it removed.  You could download the complete version from the developer’s web site.

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