Chromebook is the best selling notebook on Amazon

Chromebook hot selling on Amazon

Just checked the best selling list on Amazon, Samsung’s Arctic White 3G Chromebook was the No.1 selling notebook on Amazon, ahead of Apple’s MacBook Pro.  The titan black version was No.9, just below another MacBook Pro.  (Apple and Samsung… that’s why they sued each other?)  This list updates every hour so you may not see the same if you check it now.

Think about it.  Chromebook is listed in “notebooks/laptop” category, not “netbooks”.  Most competitors in the same category are much more expensive than Samsung’s Chromebook (except those cheap laptops by Taiwanese manufacturers like Acer and Asus).

Why would Amazon consider Chromebook as notebook?  To me Chromebook is a stripped down computer, both the hardware and operation system are not capable to do some tasks that other fully-powered notebooks can do.

If I were doing marketing for Chromebook, mobility should be one of the selling points.  And talking about mobility, one immediately go to the netbooks section instead of notebooks on Amazon.

Perhaps price is the reason?  Putting Chromebook alongside other netbooks, it is more expensive.  So this little thing which has a price tag in between common notebooks and netbooks should be categorized as a notebook, otherwise it won’t sell.

What do you think?  Do you consider Chromebook as a notebook, or netbook?  Share you views here!

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