Chrome Time Machine: See the Old Look of Chrome Browser

Time flies, it’s been 4 years since Google Chrome browser first launched in 2008.  I was one of those users who installed the tried the debut browser in 2008.  But many of the current Chrome users may be new comers, this is why Google launched a Chrome Time Machine to let us review the development history of Chrome.  The links that show up send you to individual blog posts on the Google Chrome Blog.

Chrome Time Machine

Chrome is definitely one of the most successful product of Google.  It is now a major player in the web browser market, in some areas it is even the biggest one with over 50% market share.

Chrome browser

Interestingly, this Time Machine seems to be a fan-only celebration of the 4th anniversary.  I loaded the URL into two other browsers, and got a blank page in Internet Explorer 9 and a “This site was designed with Chrome in mind and is unable to render properly in your browser” message in Firefox 15.


See it here:

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