[chrome web app] Cargo Bridge Puzzle Game: Build A Bridge With Your Structural Mind

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The web app game to be introduced today is one that requires an engineering mind.  It’s a bridge building game.  Your role in this game is to use limited budget and materials to build a bridge, one which would not fail when loaded.  While the game features funny comic-styled graphics, it’s a real challenge because structural principles apply.

Cargo Bridge main screen

Cargo Bridge: Puzzle Game that Challenges Your Structural Mind

There are two types of elements in the game, connectors and walks.  A walk is an element where workers can step on it, a connector is something used to connect elements of the bridge.  Each element has a price but you have a given budget in each level.  You have to spend wise (and less) to build the (structurally adequate) bridge, because the unspent money is the score you get for each level.

Cargo Bridge Structural Design

Depending on the item to carry, you need bridges of varying strength.  Don’t worry, even if you are not a construction professional, there are tutorials and walkthrough videos teaching you about the user interface and giving hints to crack a level.

Cargo Bridge tutorial

After you created your bridge, click the test button to examine it’s stability.  This is how my bridge looks like, not bad huh?

Cargo Bridge Test Results

This game is available on iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) too.  There are other special editions of the game such as Xmas level pack.  If you like playing puzzle games, Cargo Bridge is one that you definitely should try.


Chrome Web App: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/keembkgclppcbilkekfgpobhldjjhpmn

Official Web Site: http://limexgames.com/studio/games/cargo_bridge

Other Editions and Games by the Same Developer: http://limexgames.com/studio/

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