[chrome web app] Chain Reaction To Explode The Balls!

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The web app game I’m going to introduce is a game created with HTML5 technology.  It is a demonstration of how games without Flash could be made.  Your goal in this game is to cause chain reaction of explosions to destroy a minimum quantity of balls.  This is a game that tests your brain and luck.

Chain Reaction

In each level you can only click on the playing field for one time.  This creates a zone where all balls going into this zone would explode.  An exploded ball would create yet another zone that could cause the explosion of other balls.  These zones disappear after a definite time.  So the challenge is how to find the best location to create the first explosion zone by anticipating the movement of the balls.

Chain Reaction - The Chrome Web App Game


The score you get for each explosion is not equal.  When you cause a chain of explosions, the score for each explosion increases.  However, once the chain is broken the score for each explosion returns to the basic level.  Think of it as the combo-hit scores you get in fighting games like Street Fighters.

In subsequent levels the number of required explosions increases, presumably making the game more difficult to play.  However, as a user pointed out in Chrome Web Store, if the playing field remains the same size while there are more balls, the game actually becomes easier.

Chain Reaction - Level Target


There is an advanced version of this game to fix this problem, in which the balls moves in variable speeds.  Besides, there are special balls that deduct your score and bonus explosions to make the game more exciting.

Have a look at the game (original version) in action:



This game is definitely not created to please gamers who expect fancy graphics and awesome sound effects.  But it is a good showcase of what game could be made without Flash.

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