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By now most regular readers of this blog should know I like playing puzzle games.  That’s why many of my weekly recommended web app games are mind-challenging puzzle solvers.  This week’s featured web game is yet another word puzzle game.

No, this is not that kind of find-the-words game I introduced before.  Playing this game, Qbox, gives me not only pleasure but also knowledge.  I could learn famous quotes of people.

Qbox - Chrome Web Store

QBox – Move Tiles to Find Out Quotes

In this game, quotes are grouped by time, Old Times, Middle Ages and Modern Time.  I do not have knowledge about old things so I chose modern time.

Qbox - Levels

Each letter of the quote is a separate tile which is movable.  You move a tile by swapping it with another one vertically above or below it.  In other words, you cannot move tiles horizontally or diagonally.  If you found all correct alphabets of a word, the color of the whole word would be changed.  Your goal is to reveal the word in the shortest time.

Qbox - Wisdom of the Ages Free Online game

From time to time there may appear some special tiles.  For example, there are bonus tiles which by completing them you could earn extra points.  There are also obstacle tiles (a whole column locked) that could only be unlocked by solving another word.

Qbox - How to Play

There are hints available if you are stuck somewhere in the game.  Just click on a tile and click the hint icon, the correct alphabet would be shown.  You only have 3 hints to use.  If you finish a game within a specific time without using a hint, you get extra points.

Qbox - Answer



This is an interesting game.  It looks like traditional word puzzles but with a quote twist added.  It is particularly great for kids to know more famous quotes.

In Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ikfnimbehfhlelledoaemompbeihbhfb

Non-Chrome Users: http://www.shixe.com/games/qbox/

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