Chromebox is the Best Selling Desktop Computer, Followed by Mac Mini

Samsung has just released Chromebox, a mini desktop computer running Google’s Chrome OS.  How does the market think about this new device?  I found an answer in Amazon:

Chromebox - Best Selling Computer in Amazon


As of today, 31 May 2012, two days after the launch of this product, Chromebox becomes the best selling desktop computer in Amazon.  Is this may be a new product phenomenon?  On one hand, I believe this product is something the market has been waiting for – a set top box for internet browsing and casual computing use connected to a TV, very suitable for couch surfing and daily simple use.  On the other hand, its $329.99 price tag may be a little steep, considering it mainly a browser instead of a full computer.

Another interesting thing observed is what comes second.  It’s Apple’s Mac Mini!  Another small desktop computer in the size of a set-top box.  Is it a coincidence?  Or customers are really hunger for this a computer of this size?  While we know that many people use Mac Mini as home theater PC (HTPC), it is not surprising at all to see the popularity of Chromebox.

We shall see if Chromebox could maintain its status as the best selling computer for the weeks and months to come.  I do believe that, given the much lower price of Chromebox, it could certainly attract some potential Mac Mini buyers who simply want a living room computer for casual use.

Do you think Chromebox could challenge Mac Mini’s position?  Do you like Chromebox?  Share your views here!

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