Cloud High Club 2012 Directions

Hello all!  Cloud High Club was started in March 2011, it is almost 10-month old now.  Writing on this blog has been enjoyable, I like sharing great web apps and Chromebook tips and news with everyone.  This would be my last blog post in 2011, let me take this opportunity to forecast the development of this blog in the coming year.


Chrome OS 101 Updated and Expanded

You heard me right.  I’m preparing an updated and expanded version of my Chrome OS 101: Beginner’s Guide to Chromebook FREE e-book.  6 months after the release of Chromebook, the Chrome OS of this computing device has received quite some changes.  I have spent the last couple of weeks to refine this e-book and add new contents (this is why you found less frequent updates to this blog lately, my apology).  This time I added some useful tips and selected web apps to make the e-book useful to not only Chromebook users but Chrome browser users as well.  I plan to release this updated e-book in early 2012.

Chrome OS 101 Updated and Expanded


More on Tutorials and Reviews (and Less on Breaking News)

This is a tough decision to make.  There are new web apps news everyday, Google is releasing Chrome and Chrome OS updates once in a while.  As a part-time blogger, I found it uneasy to keep my blog up-to-date everyday.  If you are a long-time follower of this blog, you should have noticed that I have been writing less news and more web app reviews and tutorials.


Guest Writing

I believe that sharing makes the community stronger.  In 2011 I have written a number of articles for some other blogs such as Chrome Story, Chrome OS Site and AppStorm.  I will be guest writing more for other blogs and web sites.  On the other hand, I also welcome other bloggers to sync their blog posts here (write to me if you are interested!).  I hope this blog could provide more and more useful information for cloud users.


Last of all, wish all readers a happy new year!

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