Cloud Save: Download Files Directly to Your Online Storage Space, e.g. Dropbox

Chromebook users, your harddrive has a small size of 16GB only.  Most of you would store files online in web sites like Dropbox, Google Docs, and SugarSync.  Saving files to these online storage spaces is not the same as how you save files in Mac, Windows or Linux computer.  You firstly need to “save as” the file to the harddrive, then go to the web client of your storage space and upload.

Cloud Save: download files directly to online storage space

Today’s featured Chrome extension, Cloud Save, helps you save files directly to your online storage space.

Just go to Chrome Web Store to download this Chrome extension, install it.  From now on you’ll find a new item in the menu, “cloud save” when you right click on a web page.  You can download files to a range of popular online storage sites, such as Dropbox Google Docs and more.

Cloud Save - Saving Dialog

For example, if you right click on an image and select Dropbox, Cloud Save would bring up a dialog showing the download progress.  For password protected sites, you may be asked to enter your Dropbox password to authorize the saving action.  Apart from images, you can use Cloud Save to download files from a link (just like “Save link as” in browsers).

Cloud Save - Authorize the Saving Request


The whole process is as smooth as downloading files to your harddrive, except that you can view the downloaded file anywhere with a web-enabled device.

Cloud Save is a popular Chrome extension, especially useful to Chromebook users who are expected to store files online.  Should Google consider providing better integration between Chrome OS and these online storage services, just as what the Joli OS guys do for Dropbox?

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  • A real shame third party plugs need to be used for an idea so OBVIOUS that it seems crazy three years later after you posted this information, they still have yet to add it as a feature for Skydrive or the other popular ones. I find it even crazier that American Online or some of the others have yet to implement any free cloud storage for free users. ( wish Apple would get in the search engine and webmail business, meaning again for the latter )

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  • I’ve been using this extension for a while and it is awesome! Even running Chromium on a desktop system this extension was handy.

    I was trying to grab a number of pictures from a Google image search easily for artistic references and it was easy to pull up the full version, save it to my Dropbox and have Dropbox synchronized so I could then open my (local) Dropbox folder and print the pictures from there! Web interfaces are just too clunky at times.

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