Complete guide to migration from Facebook to Google+, transfer your contacts, photos and videos

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Migrate from Facebook to Google Plus

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UPDATE: Some web apps such as Start G+ can also help Facebook users to automate the whole transition process.  Learn more about Start G+.

Since the launch of Google+, many friends of mine have been pondering a completion migration from Facebook to Google+.  There was once an Chrome extension that export friends, but it was soon blocked by Facebook.

Don’t give up man, here comes a complete and easy solution to transfer not only your contacts but also photos and videos.  Thanks How-to Geek for this solution.

Transfer Facebook Contacts (Email Addresses) to Google Plus

Yahoo Address Book Choose Import from Facebook

Looks like there is something between Google and Facebook that prevents direct import of contacts from the latter to the former.  But there is something called Yahoo! that can help.  Yahoo Address Book can directly pull contact information from Facebook.  Click Import and choose Facebook in Yahoo! Address Book.

Yahoo Choose Download Facebook Emails

Then, you can choose Circles in Google+, click “Find Friends: Yahoo”.  This is a method not mentioned by How-to Geek.

Google Plus Find Friends from YahooAlternatively, accordingly to How-to Geek you could transfer all contacts to GMail.  Firstly, export the “Last Import” contacts to Microsoft Outlook format (.csv).

Yahoo Imported Facebook Emails

Next, import the file into GMail.

GMail Import Facebook Contacts

Just Go to your Circles, choose Find and Invite.  Google+ automatically scans the imported addresses.  Those who are already Google+ users would be listed on top and those pending your invitation are in another section.  That’s it!

UPDATE – 15 July 2011: Just tested this method, it still works.  If you get an error, try signing in to Yahoo! Address Book directly using your Facebook account.  Look for the following button on the sign-in page.

Use Facebook account to sign-in Yahoo Address Book

Transfer Facebook Photos to Google+

I introduced a Chrome extension, Download Facebook Album Photos, which downloads your photos in thumbnail size.  The method we are going to discuss below uses the data officially provided to you by Facebook.

Facebook Download Your Information

Do you know there is a function in Facebook that allows you to download all your data?  Check Account > Account Settings in the top right corner, find “Download Your Information” and click “Download”.

Google Plus Upload Photos Migrated from Facebook

Once downloaded, unzip the file and upload the photos inside.  You can upload them via Picasa Web Album, Picasa desktop client or from Google+ (Profile > Photos > Upload New Photos).


UPDATE: Just found a Chrome extension, Move2Picasa, which is said to be able to move your photos in Facebook directly to your logged-in Picasa Web Album.  As always, use your judgement when installing add-ons that touches your personal data.


Transfer Video

Your video in Facebook should be already downloaded when you download photos using the above method.  Unzip the file, find out the video you want to share with your new friends in Google+ and upload using the Google+ web user interface at Your Profile > Videos > Upload New Videos.  You can select files or drag and drop them directly to the web page.

Google Plus Upload Videos Migrated from Facebook


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