Context: Toggle On/Off Chrome Extensions in Different Contexts

Chrome is great for its speed and expandability of features thanks to the variety of extensions.  However, the more extensions we installed in Chrome the more likely the browser’s speed be lowered (extensions eat memory and CPU power)!

Today’s featured Chrome extension is Context, a tool which allows you to group different extensions and selectively turn them on/off as and when needed.  In this way we could minimized the consumption of system resources.

Context Chrome Extension


The first thing to do after installing Context is to create contexts.  You can give each context an icon for easy identification.  Then, drag and drop the extensions you would like to use in each context.  Save the settings and everything is ready.  You would see all extensions originally on the right of the address bar disappeared.

Context Chrome Extension

You now can choose which context to apply.  Click the icon to the right of the address bar and choose the applicable context.  Only those extensions you added in this context would be enabled.


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