[ebook] Google+ 101 Guide in iBookstore now!

I’m glad to share with you that my ebook, Google+ 101: A Mini User Guide for Beginners to Advanced Users, is now available in Apple’s iBookstore.  This means that apart from Amazon Kindle version and Smashword (download as PDF, ePub, etc.), you can buy it from iBookstore and read on iPad and iPhone.  Just search for “Google+ 101” in iBookstore!


Buy Google+ 101 from iBookstore for iPad and iPhone


This book is a complete user guide for all Google+ users ranging from beginners to pros.  With over 11,000 words packed in 21 chapters, this book shows you:

  • what is Google+
  • how to register
  • how to use the core features and Google+ mobile app
  • how to send invitations to friends
  • step-by-step guide to migrate your data from Facebook to Google+
  • illustrated tips and tricks, such as using Google+ URL shorteners, clipping posts to Evernote and Springpad, etc.
  • reviews of over 60 recommended Google+ browser add-ons, web applications and resources

…plus plenty of new contents never been posted on this blog before!

For just $0.99!

This is the first time I create a paid information product.  Let me take this opportunity to explain again why I published this book.  I don’t think I could possibly make a fortune with a book costing just $0.99, but I do hope to find ways to fund this blog which totally rely on readers’ support to pay domain fees and hosting bills etc.

I enjoy writing for all of you, the readers I treasure, and sharing with you awesome web apps and Chrome news.  I hope you enjoy my new ebook.  Your generosity keeps this site alive!  Thank you, all of you.

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