Google +1 Button Official Chrome Extension & Directly +1 to Google+

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Google +1 Button Official Chrome Extension

Today’s featured browser extension is Google +1 Button, an official extension (finally) by Google.

Google +1 Button Chrome Extension

This official extension gives you an easy way to +1 a web page you like.  Even if the web site does not have a +1 button installed, you can simply click this extension’s icon to toggle +1 or -1 (remove your +1 of this web site).  All +1’s are recorded by Google.  The total number of +1’s made by users all over the world is shown on the extension’s icon, so you know how popular the web site is.  You can choose to make your +1’s visible to public or private by adjusting in your Google Profile.

So how can you use it?  Well, you can create a bookmark collection which is synced to the cloud by marking +1 to sites you want to keep for future reading.  You can also share with your friends awesome stuff you found (which should be the original purpose of Google +1).

Find out more from here:


Directly Post to Google+

Another recent invention by Google is to possibility to directly share a web site to Google+ via the +1 button on web sites.  From now on if you click on the standard +1 button, you can choose to post it to Google+ and write your remarks.  A new post would be made in your Google+ stream.

Google +1 share to Google+

Unfortunately, the official Google +1 button introduced above does not have this function.  It’s kind of strange…


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