[Google Chrome Tutorial] Quick Access to Chrome Settings by URL

In this Google Chrome Tutorial column, we from time to time refer to different setting pages in Chrome.  Usually I ask you to click the wrench icon, then select something, then something, then something…  Do we have a simpler way to access to these setting pages?

Yes, Chrome is all about web pages.  Not only Chrome web apps are web pages, all Chrome functional pages are also web pages.  If you know the URL of a setting page, just enter it in Chrome’s address bar (omni bar), you can access that page directly.


Google Chrome Tutorial – Shortcuts to Chrome Settings

Here are the URLs of the most frequently used setting pages in Chrome:

Settings/Options/Preferences – chrome://settings

Settings > Basic – chrome://settings/browser

Manage Search Engines – chrome://settings/searchEngines

Settings > Personal Stuff – chrome://settings/personal

Setup Google Sync – chrome://settings/syncSetup

Manage Saved Passwords – chrome://settings/passwords

Autofill Options – chrome://settings/autofill

Settings > Under the Hood – chrome://settings/advanced

Privacy Content Settings – chrome://settings/content

Clear Browser Data – chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

Settings > Extensions – chrome://settings/extensionSettings


History – chrome://history

Downloads – chrome://downloads

Bookmarks Manager – chrome://bookmarks

Import Bookmarks and Settings – chrome://settings/importData

Print – chrome://print

Help – https://support.google.com/chrome/?hl=en (this is the Help page on Google’s site)


How to use these URLs?  The best way is to save them to the Bookmarks Bar.  If the “show bookmarks bar” option enabled, you can easily get access to the most frequently used setting pages without the hassle of going through the menu.  Simply drag the URL to the bookmark bar to bookmark it.  Or you can manually add the URLs in Bookmarks Manager.

Google Chrome Tutorial - Add Chrome Setting Pages to Bookmark

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