Google+ project, an awesome social service for social animals

Google+ Project: Next generation of social sharing and networking

Google just announced the launch of Google+ project, a new social service for users to share and connect with others.  It has five core elements:

  • +Circles
  • +Sparks
  • +Hangouts
  • +Mobile
  • +Huddle

Combining the above great features, Google+ is something truly marvelous, probably may start another wave of social networking.  It has the killing features of many social apps, like Facebook, Skype, MSN messenger, twitter and discussion forums.  This is what it is about:

+Circles: Share Things with Relevant Ones (Only)

It’s a variation of what common social networks.  You can create a circle, add friends and relatives and share whatever you want with them.  Unlike Facebook where you share everything with all friends you added, you can create many circles and choose what to share within each circle.  The user interface is intuitive, just drag and drop to add friends into circles.

+Sparks: Indulge in Discussions of Topics You Like

+Sparks is about discussing topics you like.  If you like music, add it to your Sparks, Google will deliver a feed of content from the internet all about this topic, such as videos and news.  You can share the topic and conversations around it to your circles.

+Hangouts: Gathering Online

+Hangouts is where you talk to your friends online.  Imagine you do the same usual gossip talks, but instead of the pub you do it in front of the computer.  +Hangouts allows multiple user conversation, it’s just like a small online real-time gathering.

+Mobile: Let People Know Where You are, and Start Conversations

+Location allows you to mark your whereabout when you share something with your friends in the circle.  It’s great for starting a conversation, like “hey I’m in starbucks, come and join?”.

+Instant Upload: whenever you shoot a photo or video, with your permission Google+ uploads it to your private circle.

+Huddle: Group Messaging

It does what the title said, instant text messaging for your group.


+You: putting you first, all across Google, this is how Google described Google +.  This project is in field trial stage and is open to invited members only.  Do you have an invitation?  Shall your views here!


via Google Blog


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