Jolicloud upgraded to ver 1.2 and renamed

Joli OS 1.2 launcher

(Source: Joli OS official page)

Jolicloud, the cloud-based operating system, has just been upgraded to version 1.2 and renamed to Joli OS.  Major changes include:

  1. Users can now create their own web apps and place an icon on launcher (finally this most-wanted feature is here!)
  2. New file browser with seamless integration with Dropbox, access to files on Dropbox just like working in ordinary file manager
  3. New page for sharing apps with friends
  4. Guest mode
  5. Auto login
  6. Performance enhancement

The company also announced that Android and iPad support is coming!


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3 Responses

  • […] built-in integration with Google docs and Dropbox and fast speed.  (Read my introduction and update of new features about Joli OS)  With the many web apps installed through the built-in installer of […]

  • I would say the Joli OS desktop for browsers is a move to build users’ habit of using the Joli OS. You get familiar with a desktop launcher, and therefore you use it more frequently. After all it’s only bookmarking site with good-looking menu (think of with better interface). Certainly an app which can display the web app right within the that app (NOT merely a link that opens in the stock browser… if you have used the google apps on iPhone before, you know what i mean) is great.

    The positioning of Joli OS desktop on mobile devices is embarrassing. It cannot replace iOS and Android. But the selling point of Joli OS is it’s full functions like dropbox integration and custom web apps. If these could be done by tweaking the iOS and Android, I doubt if anybody would prefer running an app to do the same.

  • I’ll be interested to see the Jolicloud mobile apps. I think porting the Joli OS desktop to browsers is simply brilliant in that it makes Joli OS relevant to the user even when using another OS. On Android and iOS, however, will the user have to launch the Jolicloud app, select a web app, and then wait while the mobile browser loads and launches the bookmark? Why not just load the browser and launch the bookmarks from there? I think (and hope) what is coming is not an actual app, but rather a mobile site that can replace the mobile browser’s home page.

    If Joli is working on an actual Android app, I hope it is a full-screen widget that emulates my Jolicloud launcher. Another option would be a homescreen replacement app like ADW or Launcher Pro. That would be quite interesting, but I can’t imagine how they’d successfully blend elements of Jolicloud and Android. Whatever we end up with, I hope it is a pleasant surprise.

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