Love Google Doodle Guitar? You Can Play It Forever!

Google Doodle - Les Paul's 96th Birthday - A Playable Guitar

In memorial of Les Paul, an American Guitarist, Google released a guitar doodle on 9 June (his 96th birthday).  This doodle is not only viewable, you can play it with the mouse.  This funny doodle received overwhelming appreciation in the past few day and finally, Google decided to keep it forever at this address.  This is not the first time a playable doodle being maintained.  A Pac-man doodle released in 2010 was also kept with a permanent web address, forever.

This guitar doodle was made with Javascript, HTML 5 Canvas, CSS and Flash technologies, so probably only modern web browsers could play it.  You can press the record button to record down your tune.  There are quite some beautiful “performances” already uploaded to YouTube, like this one:

Want to review other Google Doodles?  Check out this archive.  More about the making of this doodle is available in Google Blog.

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