New Macbook Pro Gets Retina High-resolution Screen, Chrome is Ready for It

Apple in the latest WWDC annonced the new Macbook Pro with retina high resolution screen.  It has a 5.1 million pixels display to produce really sharp images.  The good hardware certainly requires great software to work, and Google is ready to take its Chrome browser to the next level by bringing high resolution support to Chrome.

High-res Chrome


In Google’s own words:

The Chrome Canary channel already shows the early results of this work, bringing basic high-resolution support to Chrome. We have further to go over the next few weeks, but we’re off to the races to make Chrome as beautiful as it can be.

I don’t have the luck to try out the new Mackbook Pro, but from the image Google released, looks like Chrome browser will have a much finer user interface.  The question that remains is whether we the web owners would use shiny sharp images in our blogs and web sites.


Source: Google Chrome Blog

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