Relaxpls: Web Screen Saver With Soothing Scenery and Sound

Tired to sit in front of the computer for long hours?  Want to relax your eyes and ears?  The web app introduced today brings soothing scenery and sound to your computer.  It is a web app that you do not have to install.  Simply go to the site and enjoy the comfortable image and natural sound.


Relaxpls: A Web Screen Saver With Soothing Scenery and Sound

Relaxpls has one and only feature – to bring you beautiful natural photos and natural sound to calm you down and relax your mind.  The natural scene changes frequently.  The sound you hear is birds, wind and running water, those you could hear if you have a walk in the woods.  You can mute the sound by clicking an icon on the web page if you simply need to freshen your eyes without the sound.

So how can it work as a screen saver?  Most modern browsers have a full screen mode.  For example, in Chrome in Windows you can view a web page in full screen by pressing F11 key.  You can also click the wrench icon in Chrome, then click the full screen icon to the right of the Zoom option.  Then the screen will be filled by the beautiful natural environment.

Relaxpls - Web Screen Saver With Soothing Scenery and Sound

I can think of two good uses of Relaxpls.  Firstly, it is particularly useful as a screen saver on a Chromebook.  Chrome OS does not provide a mechanism for changing the screen saver.  Relaxpls is a good alternative to the default one.  Secondly, it could be used as a meditation tool.  The images and sound massage your eyes and ears, take pressure out of you after hours of work.


Official Site:

Chrome Web App:

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