Social Wednesday: Facebook Check-in on Desktop Computer

Facebook Places

Many friends of mine like checking-in through Facebook wherever they go, pubs, libraries, cinema…  No matter where we are, the first thing we do is check-in and check if our friends are around.

This check-in function is supposed to work on mobile devices only.  This is logical because the easiest thing is pulling out a smartphone from the pocket, not unzip your backpack and switch on the laptop.  However, what if you go into a Starbucks and want your friends know your whereabout (and perhaps ask them to come along)?

Let me show you how you could check-in via your laptop or desktop computer.

Facebook Mobile Web Main Screen for Check-in

Firstly, open your web browser and go to is which the mobile web site of Facebook.  Fine “More” on the top right corner, click on it and then choose “Places”.

Facebook Mobile Places

Next, you’ll see your name and a button “Check in”.  Click on this button.  You may be asked to permit the web site to track your location.  Choose “allow”.

You will then find a list of places nearby.  I could find my location while I use my Macbook in a restaurant.  I guess my whereabout is determined by the WiFi station.  Choose the correct location.


Check-in on Desktop/laptop with Facebook Mobile Web

Then, just like on your smartphone, tag your friends and write something about this place.  Done!

Chrome Location Settings

The whole point is to use the mobile web site of Facebook.  If your browser does not ask you to permit tracking your location, check your Location settings in Chrome.  I haven’t tested other browsers but I guess all modern browsers should work too.

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