Sony Vaio Chromebook Leaked in FCC Documents

According to documents and pictures in FCC reports, a product with the code VCC111 was being tested.  It was suggested that this new laptop is a 11.6-inch Chromebook by Sony, possibly running on ARM chipset.  Why do we think it’s a Chromebook?  Well, look at the keyboard, it has the Chrome-only keys.  Photos of two versions, black and white, are found.

Sony Vaio Chromebook VCC111

Sony Vaio Chromebook Testing Setup

And the testing configuration comes with a Sony charger.

Sony Vaio Charger

The reported chipset is a T25, which could mean anything but a guess is an ARM chip.  Sony requested confidentiality for 180 days since 15 August 2011, meaning that this test device was born in last year and there may be a chance we could see it later this year.  Could we see it in Google I/O this year?  I would say highly possible.


via TechCrunch

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