Chrome 18 Stable Release Arrived, Brings Faster and Better Graphics, Even on Old Computers

Google just released Chrome version 18 stable release for Mac, Linux, Windows and Chrome Frame (a plug-in that brings Chrome technology to Intenet Explorer).  Apart from bug and security fixes, this version of Chrome brings faster and better graphics rendering.

For computers with compatible hardware, Chrome will now by default enable Canvas2D that supports hardware acceleration.  This means that the graphics on web pages could be rendered and displayed faster.

For old computers, Chrome can render 3D graphics using WebGL even if there is no hardware support, because Chrome will use a technology called SwiftShader to simulate the hardware.  In other words, even if you use old computers you can enjoy using 3D applications and games (certainly the results depends on how good/poor the hardware spec is).  This is how Google described these new features:

“We’ve enabled GPU-accelerated Canvas2D on capable Windows and Mac computers, which should make web applications like games perform even better than a pure software implementation. GPU-accelerated Canvas2D has previously been enabled in the Beta channel for quite some time, so hopefully developers have had a chance to try it out…

WebGL enables compelling 3D content on the web, so we want to ensure that as many users as possible have access to this technology. That’s why we’ve enabled SwiftShader, a software rasterizer licensed from our friends at TransGaming, for users with older configurations.”

Chrome 18 Release - 3D Rendering - WebGL Globe

If you want to test the 3D performance of your old computer in Chrome, try the following web site:


Source: Google Chrome Releases Blog, Chromium Blog


[Chrome Web App] ChuClone: Simple Yet Awesome 3D Action Game

It’s Game Friday! Every Friday I hand pick awesome web games to share with you. Action, puzzle, sports, classic remakes… all types of funny games. SUBSCRIBE to RSS feed or email updates to get more!

Today’s featured web app game is an awesome 3D game, ChuClone.  It’s built with HTML and WebGL, not flash is required and is super fast.  And the game itself?  A fast paced action game.  You gonna run, jump and tumble.

Chu Clone Chrome Web App Game

In each level there is a three dimensional cube which you have to control.  Use the WASD keys to move it along the track.  There are some special sections, such as those sharply boost the moving speed or push the cube up (bounce).  You have to smartly utilize these special sections and carefully control your cube so that it moves as fast as possible until the end of the level.  The aim of the game is to finish each level as fast as possible (you are not competing with anybody else).

While you use the keyboard to control the cube, don’t forget your mouse.  You can change the point of view by moving the mouse.  Find the best angle to have a look over the track so that you don’t miss anything!

Just as Canvas Rider, the web app game I introduced weeks ago, ChuClone also has a level editor for all registered users to express their creativity.  Non-registered users can still play the game but they can’t built tracks.

Chu Clone in Game


This is a nice game which demonstrated how web applications could utilize 3D power.  I was surprised to see the fast rendering of the three dimensional objects.  And the game itself is nice to play.  While there are not so many 3D Chrome web games available, this is one that you should definitely try!

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