Chrome OS New Interface – Now With A Desktop and Launcher

Google on 9 April released a new Dev Channel release of the Chrome OS.  Apart from security and stability fixes, a significant change is the inclusion of a “desktop”.  In the past Chrome OS is simply a Chrome browser that occupies the whole screen.  The new user interface, called “Aura”, brings a desktop environment similar to Windows.

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In this new user interface, you can move windows around, resize as you wish and minimize/maximize windows.  There is a launcher bar down the screen, which works in a way similar to that of Windows.  You can see currently opened windows.  This bar minimizes when you maximize a window.

Chrome OS R19 Aura Desktop User Interface

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As we mentioned in an earlier post, this new R19 release of Chrome OS would not be available to Cr48 Chromebooks.  This version is only for Samsung Series 5 and Acer Chromebooks.  Cr-48 will come back to the update schedules after R19.

Official Netflix support finally arrived on Chromebook!

Yes, your wait is over.  As told by Melissa Daniels, Chrome OS Community Manager, Netflix official support is available in the latest Chrome OS update.  There is an official support page.

Getting Netflix on your Chromebook is easy.  Make sure you have the latest Chrome OS update, go to on Chromebook, log-in as usual and enjoy!  You can even press the maximize key on the Chromebook to enjoy a fullscreen playback.

Netflix on Chrome OS Chromebook

So can every Chromebook use this feature?  The answer is yes.  It is supported by Acer’s AC700 and Samsung’s Series 5 Chromebook.  Even the old Cr-48 Chromebooks can do it, but in standard definition only.

More Acer AC700 Chromebook unboxing videos

We have seen unboxing videos and photos here and here.  Here we have another one.  Tempted to buy one?  Me too.


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Samsung Series 5 v.s. Acer Cromia: a side by side chromebook comparison (of the look)

Samsung Series 5 and Acer Cromia AC700 Chromebook

Quincy Darnell, owner of, posted photos and video of the Acer Cromia AC700 Chromebook he just received.  Interestingly, he put it and Samsung’s Series 5 side by side, because he has both!  Check out more photos here.

Samsung Series 5 and Acer Cromia AC700

Which one do you think looks better?  Samsung or Acer?


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