Chromebox is the Best Selling Desktop Computer, Followed by Mac Mini

Samsung has just released Chromebox, a mini desktop computer running Google’s Chrome OS.  How does the market think about this new device?  I found an answer in Amazon:

Chromebox - Best Selling Computer in Amazon


As of today, 31 May 2012, two days after the launch of this product, Chromebox becomes the best selling desktop computer in Amazon.  Is this may be a new product phenomenon?  On one hand, I believe this product is something the market has been waiting for – a set top box for internet browsing and casual computing use connected to a TV, very suitable for couch surfing and daily simple use.  On the other hand, its $329.99 price tag may be a little steep, considering it mainly a browser instead of a full computer.

Another interesting thing observed is what comes second.  It’s Apple’s Mac Mini!  Another small desktop computer in the size of a set-top box.  Is it a coincidence?  Or customers are really hunger for this a computer of this size?  While we know that many people use Mac Mini as home theater PC (HTPC), it is not surprising at all to see the popularity of Chromebox.

We shall see if Chromebox could maintain its status as the best selling computer for the weeks and months to come.  I do believe that, given the much lower price of Chromebox, it could certainly attract some potential Mac Mini buyers who simply want a living room computer for casual use.

Do you think Chromebox could challenge Mac Mini’s position?  Do you like Chromebox?  Share your views here!

7 Steve Jobs, Apple and Mac Related Chrome Themes

R.I.P. Steve Jobs.  Soon after the bad news was heard, I wrote a post about my story of using Apple products.  A few days ago I found new Chrome themes in Chrome Web Store that are made for Steve Jobs.  I immediately fell in love with the iJobs theme.  If you are a Apple fan, these are some Steve, Apple and Mac related themes that I recommend.


iJobs Chrome Theme



Chrome Theme



Jobs Chrome Theme

Steve Jobs


Apple Galaxy Chrome Theme

Apple Galaxy


Apple Desk Chrome Theme

Apple Desk


Inspired by iPad and iPhone Chrome Theme

Inspired by iPad and iPhone


Apple Wood Chome Theme

Apple Wood Theme

(This theme is designed for large desktop, my macbook’s resolution is too small to show the whole apple.  The image above is the image provided by the theme designer in Chrome Web Store)

R.I.P Steve Jobs, and 5 Awesome Things He Brought to the Me

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

R.I.P. Steve Jobs


I could not call myself as an Apple fanatic, nor could I say I am a loyal follower of Steve Jobs.  But I admire his vision and creativity.


Think Different

The first time when I got a sense of his creativity is the Think Different ad series.  I was a kid and that time, yet I could still remember the shock these ads gave me.  Simple but powerful, a picture could really say a thousand words.

Think Different Apple



The second thing I like about Apple and SJ is Newton.  I have never been a Newton owner, but thanks to a friend of mine I got the chance to play with this innovative product for a few days.  That was the time when iPhones first hit the market.  Even as of today I still think that Newton is a great product.  The user control is very intuitive, it is truly an electronic notepad.  Write with the hand and the texts are recognized.  Delete a word by rubbing it out like using an eraser.  Draw a straight horizontal line to start a new page.  The note taking apps for present-day tablets are simply followers.

Newton and iPhone



The first mac I have ever touched and used was the original iMac.  The OS was a bit new to me at that time, but the way that the computer and the monitor were packed in a stylish and tiny all-in-one case was really impressive.



Mac OS

Being a kid who grown up with DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, Mac OS is simply a heaven.  I began using Mac OS everyday when I bought my first 17″ iMac, which is the one I am using to write this blog post.

When people ask me why I like Mac OS, I always tell them Mac OS is designed for human and Windows is made for (and by) engineers.  You virtually do not need to learn before using Mac.  Windows is a totally different story.

Mac OS



iPod is not the first digital music player, but it is truly revolutionary.  Just like how Apple made computers that fit in the living room as a decorative piece, iPod is not only a music player.  It’s a companion when jogging, an accessory to wear, a news receiver (via podcasts), a pain reliefer (meditation tool)…  I spend many hours on iPods everyday.



In Memoriam

Many mega web sites have found their ways to pay tribute to Steve.  Google did not change the doodle, but added a line underneath the search box.

Google Steve Jobs


Amazon dedicated a corner of their main page to Steve, which links back to Apple’s official web site.

Amazon Steve Jobs

I have already pre-ordered the Kindle ebook version of his official biography, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, the pre-orders of which jumped 418 times on Amazon, according to thenextweb.  There are some other books and movies that you may have a look if you want to know more about him.  My top recommendations are:

Steve Jobs the Biography

The Official Biography


Inside Steve's Brain

An Informative Book About Steve’s Way of Thinking


Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley


Steve Jobs, the man who changed the world, I’ll miss you.

[ebook] Google+ 101 Guide in iBookstore now!

I’m glad to share with you that my ebook, Google+ 101: A Mini User Guide for Beginners to Advanced Users, is now available in Apple’s iBookstore.  This means that apart from Amazon Kindle version and Smashword (download as PDF, ePub, etc.), you can buy it from iBookstore and read on iPad and iPhone.  Just search for “Google+ 101” in iBookstore!


Buy Google+ 101 from iBookstore for iPad and iPhone


This book is a complete user guide for all Google+ users ranging from beginners to pros.  With over 11,000 words packed in 21 chapters, this book shows you:

  • what is Google+
  • how to register
  • how to use the core features and Google+ mobile app
  • how to send invitations to friends
  • step-by-step guide to migrate your data from Facebook to Google+
  • illustrated tips and tricks, such as using Google+ URL shorteners, clipping posts to Evernote and Springpad, etc.
  • reviews of over 60 recommended Google+ browser add-ons, web applications and resources

…plus plenty of new contents never been posted on this blog before!

For just $0.99!

This is the first time I create a paid information product.  Let me take this opportunity to explain again why I published this book.  I don’t think I could possibly make a fortune with a book costing just $0.99, but I do hope to find ways to fund this blog which totally rely on readers’ support to pay domain fees and hosting bills etc.

I enjoy writing for all of you, the readers I treasure, and sharing with you awesome web apps and Chrome news.  I hope you enjoy my new ebook.  Your generosity keeps this site alive!  Thank you, all of you.

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