How to Backup Your Online from Google? Use Google Takeout

No matter how reliable the cloud is, sometimes we do want to save a backup of our data stored online.  Right?  We have introduced how to backup your Facebook data, do you want to do the same with Google?  No, you don’t have to manually save everything one by one.  Let’s have a look at Google Takeout, a handy tool that packs your data stored on Google’s server under your identity.


Google Takeout: Backup Your Online Data In Just A Few Clicks

Google Takeout is a native service developed by Google, unlike third-party web apps this one is authentic, so there should be no compatibility issues.  You can choose to create archive for the following services in one go:

Google Takeout: Backup Your Online Data

These are pretty much everything I have ever wanted to download, including Buzz which is no longer active.  You could also choose to download an archive for any individual service:

Google Takeout - Create Archive for Individual Service

For each download, you would be shown the estimated size of the package.  Different services have different configurations to make.  For example, you can choose the format of download for your Google Contacts and Circles in Google+.  For Google Voice, you can download your greetings and recording and specify the file format.

Google Takeout - Configure

It will take a while for Google to pack your data.  Check the “Email me when ready” box to receive notification when it’s done.  Once completed archive creation, you can download the file to your hard disk.

Google Takeout - Download

Google Takeout:

Google to Shut Down Some Products, Including Buzz and Jaiku

Google just announced that they would gradually shut down a number of services, including Google Buzz, Jaiku, iGoogle’s social services, Code Search and University Research Program for Google Search.

It is totally not surprising to see Google killing social services like Google Buzz.  With the (kind of) success of Google+, obviously Google would be shifting its focus away from Buzz.  According to Google, Buzz and its APIs would disappear in “a few weeks”.  Users can no longer make new posts via Buzz, but they can view them in their Google+ profile and download them via Google Takeout.  This is the official buzz by the Buzz Team:

Google Buzz Shut Down

By the way, today is about the time when Google Labs would retire.  Google has been closing down a number of its services in these months.  Labs and Buzz are the two that I like the most.  So long, farewell!


source Official Google Blog

10 apps and services Google Plus may replace

Google+ Project: Next generation of social sharing and networking

Two days ago I got a Google+ account thanks to the sudden opening of application for a limited time.  In the last 48 hours, I played around and found that Google+ has huge potentials to be unearthed.  It’s not just a social network, use it smart you can turn it into useful tools.  Some web apps and services may find themselves being threatened by Google+.


(1) Bookmarking Services like Delicious

Create a private circle with nobody in it.  Whenever you discover anything interesting, either from the net or streams of people you follow, share it to this private circle.  As time goes by you build up a collection of bookmarks.  This is a creative use suggested by The Next Web.

(2) Short Messaging like Whatsapp

Whatsapp to be replaced by Google Plus?

Create circles with your friends in it.  Send messages by creating new streams.  If your friends have Google+ app for smartphone (currently only available in Android, iOS app pending Apple’s approval), it works just like sending SMS or message via Whatsapp.  What makes this method more appealing is that you have a web interface to send message.

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