What Chrome OS Cannot Do

Last year before the release of the 1st generation Chromebook I wrote a guest post for Chrome Story, Why You Should Not Buy A Chromebook – 9 Reasons.  In that post I outlined the disadvantages of Chromebook from a user’s point of view.  Today, I found a review of the latest Samsung Chromebook by liliputing, with a section named “What Chrome OS can’t do”.  Here are the major points I got from this post:

  1. No internet, 2000 percent less useful
  2. Limited local storage
  3. Cannot run apps that have no web version (Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Stata, Final Cut Pro, Diablo III, Portal 2…)
  4. Not all hardware supported (e.g. printers)
  5. Only DisplayPort output, no VGA, HDMI, or DVI port

Samsung Chromebox and Chromebook

I cannot agree with everything said above.  Points 2 and 5 should be hardware limitations only.  And the “2000 percent less useful” claim seems to be exaggerated.  Nowadays if you have a smartphone without internet connection, you could probably enjoy around 40% to 50% of the power of the phone.  The figure may be even lower for Chrome OS, but with more and more offline support built into web apps (mainly Google Apps), I think Chrome OS is a nice computer with basic function when offline.

Point 3 is also irrelevant because Chrome OS is not designed for playing Diablo III, right?  Making such a statement is like complaining the lack of World of Warcraft on iPhone.  Remember Chrome OS is made for casual daily use or lightweight office use (in my opinion), we certainly shouldn’t expect to do everything on a Chrome OS device.

I do agree with liliputing’s final verdict about Chrome OS, “you can do many of those things better with a Chromebook if the web browser is your most important app“.  This simplicity of Chrome OS, the peace of mind thanks to auto-update and virus proof design and the responsiveness make Chrome OS an outstanding cloud OS.  No matter Chromebook or Chromebox, I believe Chrome OS device could make surfing the internet much more easier and funnier.  It is not an almighty machine but a handy and helpful tool for all internet animals.


Original review by liliputing

Chromebook and Chrome OS Introductory Video

Chromebook may not be the most-expected computer of the year, but it certainly draws some attention, many non-tech people are also aware of this little efficient and powerful laptop.  If in the unlikely case you know of somebody who have never heard of Chromebook and wondered what magic it could play, this new video by Google could help you to explain (and persuade him to buy one):

And since Chrome OS is a revolutionary system, not everyone could understand what it is and how is it different from Chrome browser.  So here is a new video by Gogle introducing the Chrome OS:


Samsung Chromebox May Have Celeron 1.9GHz Processor With $330 Price Tag

We have been waiting for Chromebox by Samsung and we know Samsung planned to deliver it in Q2.  Today we hear something new about this mini computer.  According to Engadget, Chromebox appeared in TigerDirect’s web store:

Samsung Chromebox TigerDirect Leak

This screen capture tells us that Chromebox would probably have a Celeron 1.9GHz CPU, 16GB SSD storage, 4GB memory and WiFi connectivity.  Most importantly, the little computer bears a price tag of $329.99.  Is it cheap for a computer?  Certainly, but remember this computer runs Chrome OS, a system which is web-centric.  Users are expected to use web apps only.  I think it would be for connecting to a TV for surfing on the coach.

When will we see the product launch?  I guess in the coming Google I/O.  We should expect to see more product reviews and unboxing photos soon.

Chrome OS New Interface – Now With A Desktop and Launcher

Google on 9 April released a new Dev Channel release of the Chrome OS.  Apart from security and stability fixes, a significant change is the inclusion of a “desktop”.  In the past Chrome OS is simply a Chrome browser that occupies the whole screen.  The new user interface, called “Aura”, brings a desktop environment similar to Windows.


(Video by chromiumosforge.com)

In this new user interface, you can move windows around, resize as you wish and minimize/maximize windows.  There is a launcher bar down the screen, which works in a way similar to that of Windows.  You can see currently opened windows.  This bar minimizes when you maximize a window.

Chrome OS R19 Aura Desktop User Interface

(Image via Wired)

As we mentioned in an earlier post, this new R19 release of Chrome OS would not be available to Cr48 Chromebooks.  This version is only for Samsung Series 5 and Acer Chromebooks.  Cr-48 will come back to the update schedules after R19.

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