My Favorite 10 Designer Chrome Themes with Strong Personal Style

Google Chrome Web Store has a wide variety of themes designed by renowned designers.  Some are brand-specific some feature unique personal touches.  In this post I’ll share with you the top 10 designer Chrome themes I like the most.


Yulia Brodskaya Designer Chrome Theme

Yulia Brodskaya


Andrzej Mleczko Designer Chrome Theme

Andrzej Mleczko


Matthew Williamson Designer Chrome Theme

Matthew Williamson


David Bohm Designer Chrome Theme

David Bohm


Marc Ecko Designer Chrome Theme

Marc Ecko


LukasHudec Designer Chrome Theme



Karim Rashid Designer Chrome Theme

Karim Rashid


Matt W Moore Designer Chrome Theme

Matt W. Moore


TAKORA Kimiyoshi Futori Designer Chrome Theme

TAKORA Kimiyoshi Futori


Yuki Nakano Designer Chrome Theme

Yuki Nakano

10 pop star and celebrity Google Chrome Themes, Megan Fox, Rihanna, Jay-Z and more

Give your desktop a new look with some new Chrome themes! Every Sunday I select awesome skins for your Chrome browser and Chromebook. SUBSCRIBE to RSS feed or email updates to follow us!

A few months ago I pulled together a list of 10 pop music star Chrome themes.  There are certainly more great themes than these 10, so this week I’m doing this again.  Recommended below are 10 pop star and celebrity Chrome themes that you could download from Google’s Web Store.

Like them?  Or you have some other good choices?  Share with us by commenting below!


Emma Watson Google Chrome Theme

Emma Watson


Jay-Z Google Chrome Theme



Rihanna Google Chrome Theme



Selena Gomez Google Chrome Theme

Selena Gomez


Demi Lovato Google Chrome Theme

Demi Lovato


Taylor Swift Google Chrome Theme

Taylor Swift


Robert Pattinson Google Chrome Theme

Robert Pattinson


Megan Fox Google Chrome Theme

Megan Fox


Lil Wayne Google Chrome Theme

Lil Wayne


Johnny Depp Google Chrome Theme

Johnny Depp

7 Urban Chrome Themes (Cityscape Photography)

A city is the center of a place.  The best way to know the people and their lives in a place is to have s stroll on the streets.  I like travelling and photography, whenever I visit a place I always take photos of the cityscape.

Today’s featured Chrome themes are cityscape photos.  These urban Chrome themes show the look and feel of big cities such as New York, London and Sydney.


New York Chrome Theme

New York


London Chrome Theme



Rainbow City Chrome Theme

Rainbow City


Charlotte Ronson Chrome Theme

Charlotte Ronson


Night Time in New York City Chrome Theme

Night Time in New York City


High Pitched Cymbal Chrome Theme

High Pitched Cymbal


SydneyScape by KsouthV2 Chrome Theme

SydneyScape by KsouthV2


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