2012 Olympics Bookmarks, Web Apps and Extensions

The 2012 London Olympics is coming!  This big sports event is certainly one of the most expected major event of the year.  I can’t wait to watch the games, especially those I like such as diving, swimming, table tennis and gymnastics.  Unfortunately most games are carried out when I need to go to work.  Luckily there are web sites, web apps and extensions that could help people to follow the latest updates of the Olympics.  Here I selected a few to share with you:


2012 London Olympics Bookmarks

These are web sites that you should bookmark if you haven’t done so.  The first one is obviously the official London Olympics web site (http://www.london2012.com/).  Here you can find the full schedule, results, news, photos, an online souvenir shop and much more information about the London Olympics.

London 2012 Olympics Official Web Site


The second one is the official site of the Olympic Movement (http://www.olympic.org/), where you can also find news about the games.  What I like about this site is the “Olympic Museum” section, where the history and interesting facts about the Olympics in the past century are shown.  Information about the coming Olympics in 2014, 2016 and 2018 (both summer and winter) are also provided!

Olympic Movement


In the social era, you certainly cannot afford to miss out the social channels of the Olympics.  Here are the official Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google+ pages:






TV networks are also where you should spend time on.  Here are the official Olympics sites of NBC and BBC.  Search for your TV station if you do not live in the US or UK.




Olympics Live Streaming

2012 London Olympics Related Web Apps and Extensions

365 Scores is a featured web app in the Chrome Web Store.  It is a sports web app that delivers live news and scores of sports events.

365 Scores for London Olympics



Olympics 2012 – London is NOT an official extension, put it pulls data from a large collections of feeds to provide up-to-minute news about the Olympics.  What makes it a good choice to install in Chrome is the option to choose from feeds of individual sports.  The extension will then gather only those news related to relevant sports for you.

Olympics 2012 - London Extension



Free Virus Scan Online – 3 Recommended Web Apps

Virus scanning should not be new to computer users.  Although non-Windows computers are less susceptible to virus infection (e.g. I mainly use Chromebook and Mac at home), there are times when we need to send files to friends and worry that they may contain virus.  You may not want to find an anti-virus software to check the files.  Now, what I am going to introduce could help you.  They are 3 web apps providing free virus scan online.


VirusTotal – Free Virus Scan Online For Individual File

VirusTotal is a web site where you can scan individual files.  You can either upload a file or point the web app to an online file by entering its URL.  The file would then be scanned for virus using over 40 anti-virus software.  Yes, over 40.  So this web app leverages the power of other anti-virus apps.

VirusTotal - Free Virus Scan Online

The result from each anti-virus software is listed on the results page and a summary.  In the example below, none of the 41 software caught any virus, so I could pretty much believe that the file is free from infection.

VirusTotal - Free Virus Scan Online - Scan Results

You can see a VT Community box on the right in the above picture.  Other VirusTotal users can leave comment about the file they scanned.  If so happen the file you submit for scanning was submitted by others before, you could find what these people thought about it.  Besides, the system allows you to skip the scanning if you think you can trust the last scan result.  This little feature is quite useful.

VirusTotal - Free Virus Scan Online - File Submitted Before

This web app works as browser extension and add-on as well.  There is a Chrome extension and a Firefox add-on.  The only drawback is perhaps the 20MB file size limit.  It is quite normal for users to download large multimedia files and need a virus scan before opening the file.


Official Site: http://www.virustotal.com

Chrome Extension: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/efbjojhplkelaegfbieplglfidafgoka

Firefox Add-on: http://virustotal.hispasecsistemas.netdna-cdn.com/progs/vtzilla.xpi


BitDefender – Free Virus Scan Online For System

BitDefender works the other way.  It does not scan individual files, but your system.  It only scans the memory and files loaded when the system starts.  Inactive files are NOT checked.  By using VirusTotal and BitDefender together, you can get an almost complete anti-virus solution.

Bitdefender - Free Virus Scan Online - Scan Result

This virus scanner is also available as Chrome extension and Firefox add-on.  Besides, you can put a widget on your iGogole page or web site.

Bitdefender - Free Virus Scan Online - Extensions and Widgets

Official Site: http://www.bitdefender.com/scanner/online/free.html

Extensions and Widgets: http://quickscan.bitdefender.com/


ESET Online Scanner – Free Virus Scan Online With Quarantine

ESET Free Virus Scan Online

Probably many people have heard of ESET’s NOD32 Antivirus software before.  This online scanner comes from the same company, but it is limited to online scanning and users cannot do much configurations.  According to the official site, this online scanner scans like NOD32 with the following options.  I do not use this software so I cannot comment on what these options are about but you can test the web app by yourself.




This online scanner is recommended because it uses the same virus definition of NOD32, which is a software that many users found useful.  Besides, some features of the NOD32 scanner are also included, such as the ability to put infected files in quarantine.

One (big) drawback of this scanner is that it only works in Windows.  If you use Internet Explorer with Active-X enabled the scanner could be directly fired up, otherwise a ESET Smart Installer must be installed beforehand.

Official Site: http://www.eset.com/home/products/online-scanner/

[Google Chrome Tutorial] How to Create Your Own Chrome Theme Online

Google Chrome Tutorial is a Friday post series for new Chrome / Chromebook users to learn the basic operation of Chrome. Find out more here: Google Chrome Tutorial.  SUBSCRIBE to RSS feed or email updates to have these tutorials delivered to you!

Every Sunday I recommend Chrome themes for Chrome and Chromebook users.  These themes are great but maynot necessarily match your needs.  Have you ever considered creating your own theme?  In this week’s Google Chrome Tutorial I’ll show you how to do it easily with web apps.


Theme Creator for Chrome

This is a Chrome web app you can find in Chrome Web Store.  It is a handy created by Chrometheme.net.  You can upload your own images files and customize the color settings in this web app, then pack your theme into a .crx (the official Chrome theme, app and extension file format) or .zip file for download.

Create Your Own Chrome Theme

Using it is not difficult at all.  There are four tabs on the left, just complete everything in all tabs.

How to Create Your Own Chrome Theme - Image Files

You need to have a number of image files before creating your theme.  This theme creator tells you where each image belongs to and the dimensional requirements of them.  Just follow the instructions and you should have your first theme created in 10 minutes.

How To Create Your Own Chrome Theme - Image Dimensions


Chrome Web App: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/akpelnjfckgfiplcikojhomllgombffc

Official Web Site: http://www.chrometheme.net/chrome-theme-creator-online.html


Chrome Theme Maker

This is another tool used to create Chrome theme online.  Basically its features are quite similar to the previous tool, but it allows you to choose images in their gallery instead of your own pictures.  So you can experiment with this tool immediately without having to spend time to create images of appropriate sizes.

Chrome Theme Maker


After creating the theme, you can apply it directly to your Chrome or compile it and download as a file that you can send to your friends or share online.

Official Web Site: http://www.chromethememaker.com/



Chromizer is a rather simple tool.  You cannot choose the color and image files except the background image.  Instead of using it as a theme creator, consider it as a wallpaper changer.  Since Chrome does not allow you to change the wallpaper without changing the whole theme, this is a convenient tool to customize the wallpaper (only).

Chromizer - Google Chrome Theme Creator


You can find out how to use it in a video published on its official web site: http://chromizer.com/



These are the simplest ways to create Chrome themes without any knowledge of web creation.  If you want to craft your own product by “coding”, you can read the theme creation guide of Chromium Project and this Lifehacker article.

Chrome Web Store Gets New Look

Google just refreshed the look of Chrome Web Store.  Featured apps and extensions are now shown in not only icons but also screenshots and featured images.  The search box is moved to the left.  Overall, this maximizes the use of the screen real estate.

New Look of Chrome Web Store

A one-page design is adopted, which means that new content is loaded into the existing page without the need to refresh the screen.  If you click on an app or extension, a new window pops up to show app details and screenshots.

Chrome Web Store New Look - App Introduction

Do you like this new design?  I think it’s a neat and tidy design, embodying both a good look and functionality.  Tell us what you think about it here!

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