Chromebook and Chrome OS Introductory Video

Chromebook may not be the most-expected computer of the year, but it certainly draws some attention, many non-tech people are also aware of this little efficient and powerful laptop.  If in the unlikely case you know of somebody who have never heard of Chromebook and wondered what magic it could play, this new video by Google could help you to explain (and persuade him to buy one):

And since Chrome OS is a revolutionary system, not everyone could understand what it is and how is it different from Chrome browser.  So here is a new video by Gogle introducing the Chrome OS:


2nd Gen Samsung Chromebook (Edision) Price & Specs Leaked!

Is this coincidence or kind of promotional act?  Apart from the leaked specs and the unboxing video of Chromebox due to a (probably) accidental sale, Samsung’s another Chrome OS product, the second generation Chromebox, was also found leaked. had the listing of this new laptop, called Edison, on their web site.  The page was removed but you could (temporarily) find a cached page here.

Newegg SAMSUNG Edison Chromebook

Did you see the $549.99 price tag?  I believe this is a price of an ordinary Windows laptop rather than a netbook or Chromebook.  Unless Samsung is so confident that customers would find Chromebook as good as an ordinary laptop, I could hardly understand this pricing strategy.

Samsung 2nd Generation Chromebook

This new Chromebook is named Samsung Edison XE550C22-H01US.  It has a 1.3 GHz Intel Celeron 867 dual core processor, 4GB memory, Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics processor, 16GB SSD, 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet and support for HSPA mobile network (for 3G version).  Obviously Samsung enhanced the machine with a faster CPU and more memory.  Have a look at a video released earlier this year to refresh your memory about how it looks like:

Source: liliputing, Linux for Devices

Chrome OS New Interface – Now With A Desktop and Launcher

Google on 9 April released a new Dev Channel release of the Chrome OS.  Apart from security and stability fixes, a significant change is the inclusion of a “desktop”.  In the past Chrome OS is simply a Chrome browser that occupies the whole screen.  The new user interface, called “Aura”, brings a desktop environment similar to Windows.

(Video by

In this new user interface, you can move windows around, resize as you wish and minimize/maximize windows.  There is a launcher bar down the screen, which works in a way similar to that of Windows.  You can see currently opened windows.  This bar minimizes when you maximize a window.

Chrome OS R19 Aura Desktop User Interface

(Image via Wired)

As we mentioned in an earlier post, this new R19 release of Chrome OS would not be available to Cr48 Chromebooks.  This version is only for Samsung Series 5 and Acer Chromebooks.  Cr-48 will come back to the update schedules after R19.

Sony Vaio Chromebook Leaked in FCC Documents

According to documents and pictures in FCC reports, a product with the code VCC111 was being tested.  It was suggested that this new laptop is a 11.6-inch Chromebook by Sony, possibly running on ARM chipset.  Why do we think it’s a Chromebook?  Well, look at the keyboard, it has the Chrome-only keys.  Photos of two versions, black and white, are found.

Sony Vaio Chromebook VCC111

Sony Vaio Chromebook Testing Setup

And the testing configuration comes with a Sony charger.

Sony Vaio Charger

The reported chipset is a T25, which could mean anything but a guess is an ARM chip.  Sony requested confidentiality for 180 days since 15 August 2011, meaning that this test device was born in last year and there may be a chance we could see it later this year.  Could we see it in Google I/O this year?  I would say highly possible.


via TechCrunch

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