Chromebook Available in Retail Stores in US and UK!

Google announced in Google I/O that they would bring Chromebook to Best Buy retail stores in the US and Dixon’s in the UK.  This is the first time the Chromebook family officially be sold in brick-and-mortar retail stores.  100 Best Buy stores in various locations in the US will join this campaign.  We are unsure about the number of shops covered in the UK.  This is certainly a big move because the Chrome device family has not been a mainstream choice (many ordinary computer users don’t actually know what Chromebook is).  I believe this is part of Google’s plan to make Chromebook more popular.  Google also announced that a new round of Chromebook models should be available from more manufacturers by the end of 2012 (holiday shopping season), signaling Google’s strong belief in Chromebook’s attractiveness.

Samsung Chromebox and Chromebook

By the way, it was reported that Google provided all Google I/O attendees a new Chromebox.  I’d very much love to be part of this conference, but unfortunately I don’t!

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