How to Backup Your Online from Google? Use Google Takeout

No matter how reliable the cloud is, sometimes we do want to save a backup of our data stored online.  Right?  We have introduced how to backup your Facebook data, do you want to do the same with Google?  No, you don’t have to manually save everything one by one.  Let’s have a look at Google Takeout, a handy tool that packs your data stored on Google’s server under your identity.


Google Takeout: Backup Your Online Data In Just A Few Clicks

Google Takeout is a native service developed by Google, unlike third-party web apps this one is authentic, so there should be no compatibility issues.  You can choose to create archive for the following services in one go:

Google Takeout: Backup Your Online Data

These are pretty much everything I have ever wanted to download, including Buzz which is no longer active.  You could also choose to download an archive for any individual service:

Google Takeout - Create Archive for Individual Service

For each download, you would be shown the estimated size of the package.  Different services have different configurations to make.  For example, you can choose the format of download for your Google Contacts and Circles in Google+.  For Google Voice, you can download your greetings and recording and specify the file format.

Google Takeout - Configure

It will take a while for Google to pack your data.  Check the “Email me when ready” box to receive notification when it’s done.  Once completed archive creation, you can download the file to your hard disk.

Google Takeout - Download

Google Takeout:

[chrome web app] 5 offline productivity apps (Part 1)

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We Chromebook and Chrome users love web apps a lot, but we also hate them (occasionally) because most of them only works online.  I have pointed out this being a major drawback of Chromebook and Chrome OS in my previous posts, 9 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy a Chromebook and 5 things Chrome OS should learn from Joli OS.

But things could change.  We gradually see more and more offline web apps emerged in the Chrome Web Store.  In this article I’ll introduce 5 productivity and work related web apps that work without internet connection.  Choices are certainly endless, do let us know your favorite by leaving a comment here!

Offline Google Mail

This is not the first time Google made its services work offline.  In the past it was done through Google Gears.  Earlier this year many of these offline features were pulled down to prepare for a new stage of offline working enabled by HTML5.  This September we begin to see the results and this Offline Google Mail web app is one of them.

Offline GMail

It’s not just a hyperlink to Google Mail.  It can run as a background app in your computer and notify you whenever you receive a new mail.  Every time you run it on Chrome it synchronizes the internet and the storage in your computer so that you read the freshest emails even when internet connection stopped.  It also brings a tablet-like user interface which maximizes the use of screen real estate.

Offline GMail - Background App

This app is far from perfect, though.  A much complained missing feature is access to Contacts when offline.  Contacts are as important as emails for mobile workers.  Some other features on (my) wish list are keyboard shortcuts, caching of attachments, tasks integration…  After all it’s a good start, please work hard Google guys!


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Zoho Apps: Complete web-based productivity tools comparable to Microsoft Office

Zoho Work Online

Today I’m going to introduce a really powerful productivity web app.  Perhaps I should say not only one, but a collection of web apps.  Zoho apps is a big family of web-based applications, ranging from business apps like CRM and invoice tracking, to collaboration tools such as wiki and document management.  I’m going to focus my introduction on productivity apps.

Zoho Writer – Online Word Processor

Zoho Writer - Online Word processor

I’m a frequent Zoho Writer user.  The advantage of it is the MS Word-like user interface and functions.  No matter the tool bar and menu, you find resemblance to Microsoft’s flagship word processor.  It can read Microsoft Word documents.  Unlike other online word processors such as Google Docs that only have basic functions, Zoho Writer has almost everything you need to create professional documents.

Chrome web app:

Web site:

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The Ultimate Google+ User Guide, lots of tips and tricks inside!

Google Plus

There is a Help section to tell you how to use Google+.  But same as other official manuals and FAQs, this Help is not complete, could not answer most questions and would not share with you tips and tricks of using it.  This is why over 120 people have been working together to produce a very community-based Google+ user guide in Google Docs.  Chinese, Russian and German versions are available.


Join the editing here:

If you just want to read it, try this link instead:


In this document you find introduction to Google+ (with video links), tips, how-to and FAQs.  I can assure you that it is much better than the official Help.


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