Turn Facebook Album Photos Into Photo Collage, Carousel…

Do yo have a lot of photos in Facebook?  Apart from the traditional tiled view, do you want to present your photos in more interesting ways?  Try the Facebook apps I introduce today.


Facebook Photo Apps: Photo Collage, Carousel and More

TopicShow.com is a web app that helps users to turn photos into web pages using templates.  This feature itself is great but today I want to introduce the Facebook app launched by them.  TopicShow developed a series of Facebook photo Apps that let users to present their photos as photo collage, carousel, story book, etc.

Let’s have a look at photo collage.  It is a tool that pastes your selected photos in a free and random manner.  Each photo could be enlarged with your custom title shown.  You can have a look at collages shared by other users from here: http://photocollageapp.topicshow.com/PhotoCollages.aspx

Photo Collage Facebook Photo App - TopicShow


Similarly, you can create photo carousels using your Facebook photos.  The created carousel has Apple-styled reflection at the bottom.  These are some carousels created by other users: http://photocarousel.topicshow.com/PhotoCarousels.aspx

Photo Carousel Facebook Photo App - TopicShow

You can find a list (with hyperlink) to these Facebook photo apps by TopicShow at here: http://photocarousel.topicshow.com/ or you can simply perform a search by keyword in Facebook.  You would be able to find a lot other Facebook photo apps.  For example, this is also a good one: http://www.photocollage.net/

Don’t let your photos gather digital dust!  Create some awesome photo albums and share with friends!

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