[chrome web app] Qbox: Play Word Puzzle Game and Learn Quotes

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By now most regular readers of this blog should know I like playing puzzle games.  That’s why many of my weekly recommended web app games are mind-challenging puzzle solvers.  This week’s featured web game is yet another word puzzle game.

No, this is not that kind of find-the-words game I introduced before.  Playing this game, Qbox, gives me not only pleasure but also knowledge.  I could learn famous quotes of people.

Qbox - Chrome Web Store

QBox – Move Tiles to Find Out Quotes

In this game, quotes are grouped by time, Old Times, Middle Ages and Modern Time.  I do not have knowledge about old things so I chose modern time.

Qbox - Levels

Each letter of the quote is a separate tile which is movable.  You move a tile by swapping it with another one vertically above or below it.  In other words, you cannot move tiles horizontally or diagonally.  If you found all correct alphabets of a word, the color of the whole word would be changed.  Your goal is to reveal the word in the shortest time.

Qbox - Wisdom of the Ages Free Online game

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[chrome web app] ChromePlay: 500+ addictive online flash games

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Today’s featured online game site is huge.  The collection is huge.  It has over 500 Flash games and the number is growing everyday.

Chromeplay main screen

This web app, Evolved Online Games, is installable from Chrome Web Store.  Basically the web app is a simplified version of the official site.  You can find latest games and random games shown in two rows on the main screen.  Click the arrow and refresh icons to load more or draw some new random games out.  On the other hand, the official page allows you to choose games by category.  On either web sites, you can search games by keyword.

So what games can you play on this web site?  The range of choices include action, puzzle, sports, strategy, shooting, RPG…  all powered by flash.  These are mostly games from Newgrounds, a user-generated flash content portal.

ChromePlay Charlie Sheen

You know Charlie Sheen?  I like Two and a Half Men, unfortunately he’s not there anymore.  But somebody created a game called Charlie Sheen: Winning, which is as crazy as Charlie.  The whole game is about killing, you drive a car to kill everything living organism on the road, except hot chicks who should be invited for a ride.  You get scores by killing and getting girls.  You can hear the voice of Charlie in this game, probably extracted from his shows.

ChromePlay Charlie Sheen: Winning

This is just one example of the many different games on Chromeplay.  You can explore more on their official web site or the Chrome web app:


Official page: http://www.chromeplay.com

Chrome web app: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nkdaebmimnhlmgpjoppmdeokffoahpan

Chrome OS Stable Channel updated to R12 release 0.12.433.257

Google Chrome OS

Chrome OS stable channel has been updated to R12 release 0.12.433.257.  This update includes the latest stable Chrome browser release which contains an updated version of Flash player.  Other changes include several stability and functional improvements over the previous release.

via Google Chrome Release Blog

Love Google Doodle Guitar? You Can Play It Forever!

Google Doodle - Les Paul's 96th Birthday - A Playable Guitar

In memorial of Les Paul, an American Guitarist, Google released a guitar doodle on 9 June (his 96th birthday).  This doodle is not only viewable, you can play it with the mouse.  This funny doodle received overwhelming appreciation in the past few day and finally, Google decided to keep it forever at this address.  This is not the first time a playable doodle being maintained.  A Pac-man doodle released in 2010 was also kept with a permanent web address, forever.

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