Google Doodle for Olympics – Basketball Mini Game

Mini game Google Doodle for the 2012 London Olympics again!  After reviewing yesterday’s hurdle doodle, today I have yet another interactive Google doodle to share with you.  The doodle of the day (8 Aug 2012) is basketball!

Google Doodle - 2012 Olympics Basketball

Same as yesterday’s doodle, click the central play button to start the game.  Simply press the left button of the mouse or the space bar, hold and release to shoot.  The longer you hold the button or key the stronger the power is.  You need a few shots to get the feeling.  As the game proceeds the player will be moved away from the ring, making the game tougher.  You have 24 seconds to fire as many shots as possible, you can see the time countdown and the score you get on the score board at the back.  The own audience in the doodle are the 6 “G” “o” “o” “g” “l” “e” alphabets, but if you feel like sharing the game and your score with your friends, you can click the Google+ button at the end of the game to shout it out.

Again, the game is available on 8 August 2012 at local time.  If you want to play the game before it is made available to your time zone, go to this place: to enjoy!  Before I end this post, let’s review the previous Olympics basketball doodles.  It is probably easier to pick an “animal” to represent China and Australia (dragon and kangaroo) than to find one to represent the UK, right?
2008 Olympics Basketball Google Doodle

2000 Sydney Olympics Basketball Google Doodle

Chrome Web Store Trending Apps – Find Hottest Web Apps Easily

Chrome Web Store just received a new update.  A major new feature is the “Trending” tab which to let users know what web apps are hot now.


Trending Chrome Web Apps

In the past we could only see “popular” web apps but this list is not frequently updated.  The new “trending” tab lists out the hottest web apps and sort by the popularity.  Apps are ranked as “on fire”, “hot” and “warm”.

Chrome Web Store - Trending Web Apps

The purpose of this “trending” tab is to highlight web apps that are popular in recent time.  These apps may not be found in the “popular” tab that shows all-time hot apps.  For example, while YouTube is definitely a “popular” web app (over 1,000,000+ users installed it in Chrome), it is not even “warm” in “trending”.  This is obvious because the user count of this web app is stable.

Apart from the trending tab, now you can also sort web apps in each individual category to find out the trending web apps.  This is very useful for finding out the hottest web apps such as latest games.

Chrome Web Store - Trending Web Apps in Categories


Offline and Playable on Google+ Identification

The second change to Chrome Web Store is the new mark-ups showing particular features of web apps.  In the following screenshot, you see a Google+ mark for Diamond Dash, meaning that this game is playable on Google+ (and trending mark for BrowserQuest too).  You can also find a lightning mark for apps that run offline.  Google said that more marks for other features would follow.

Chrome Web Store - Playable on Gogle Plus Mark


Read more about this update here:

[chrome web app] Chain Reaction To Explode The Balls!

It’s Game Friday!    Every Friday I hand pick awesome web games to share with you. Action, puzzle, sports, classic remakes.  SUBSCRIBE to RSS feed or email updates to get more!

The web app game I’m going to introduce is a game created with HTML5 technology.  It is a demonstration of how games without Flash could be made.  Your goal in this game is to cause chain reaction of explosions to destroy a minimum quantity of balls.  This is a game that tests your brain and luck.

Chain Reaction

In each level you can only click on the playing field for one time.  This creates a zone where all balls going into this zone would explode.  An exploded ball would create yet another zone that could cause the explosion of other balls.  These zones disappear after a definite time.  So the challenge is how to find the best location to create the first explosion zone by anticipating the movement of the balls.

Chain Reaction - The Chrome Web App Game


The score you get for each explosion is not equal.  When you cause a chain of explosions, the score for each explosion increases.  However, once the chain is broken the score for each explosion returns to the basic level.  Think of it as the combo-hit scores you get in fighting games like Street Fighters.

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[chrome web app] Qbox: Play Word Puzzle Game and Learn Quotes

It’s Game Friday!  Every Friday I hand pick awesome web games to share with you.  SUBSCRIBE to RSS feed or email updates to get more!

By now most regular readers of this blog should know I like playing puzzle games.  That’s why many of my weekly recommended web app games are mind-challenging puzzle solvers.  This week’s featured web game is yet another word puzzle game.

No, this is not that kind of find-the-words game I introduced before.  Playing this game, Qbox, gives me not only pleasure but also knowledge.  I could learn famous quotes of people.

Qbox - Chrome Web Store

QBox – Move Tiles to Find Out Quotes

In this game, quotes are grouped by time, Old Times, Middle Ages and Modern Time.  I do not have knowledge about old things so I chose modern time.

Qbox - Levels

Each letter of the quote is a separate tile which is movable.  You move a tile by swapping it with another one vertically above or below it.  In other words, you cannot move tiles horizontally or diagonally.  If you found all correct alphabets of a word, the color of the whole word would be changed.  Your goal is to reveal the word in the shortest time.

Qbox - Wisdom of the Ages Free Online game

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