My Favorite 10 Designer Chrome Themes with Strong Personal Style

Google Chrome Web Store has a wide variety of themes designed by renowned designers.  Some are brand-specific some feature unique personal touches.  In this post I’ll share with you the top 10 designer Chrome themes I like the most.


Yulia Brodskaya Designer Chrome Theme

Yulia Brodskaya


Andrzej Mleczko Designer Chrome Theme

Andrzej Mleczko


Matthew Williamson Designer Chrome Theme

Matthew Williamson


David Bohm Designer Chrome Theme

David Bohm


Marc Ecko Designer Chrome Theme

Marc Ecko


LukasHudec Designer Chrome Theme



Karim Rashid Designer Chrome Theme

Karim Rashid


Matt W Moore Designer Chrome Theme

Matt W. Moore


TAKORA Kimiyoshi Futori Designer Chrome Theme

TAKORA Kimiyoshi Futori


Yuki Nakano Designer Chrome Theme

Yuki Nakano

7 Chinese New Year Red Chrome Themes

Happy New Year!!!  This is not a belated new year wish, I’m sending my greetings for the Chinese New Year.  Today, 23 January 2012, is the first day of the Chinese year.  If you have Chinese friends, you probably know that they are celebrating this big day.

To prepare for this Chinese New Year topics, I researched for related Chrome themes.  Nope, there aren’t many.  I then tried to find dragon themes because this is the Year of Dragon.  Still in vain.  Finally I found these 7 themes that are all red.  Red is the color Chinese people associates with the new year and happiness.  May I wish everyone a lucky and happy new year?


Cherry - Chinese New Year Red Chrome Theme

Cherry Theme


Candy - Chinese New Year Red Chrome Theme



Red Wave - Chinese New Year Red Chrome Theme

Red Wave


Red Default - Chinese New Year Red Chrome Theme

Red-Default Style


Blood Red - Chinese New Year Red Chrome Theme

Blood Red


Blockland Red - Chinese New Year Red Chrome Theme

Blockland Red


Crimson Red - Chinese New Year Red Chrome Theme

Crimson Red


10 Comics Google Chrome Themes, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man and more

Today’s featured Google Chrome themes are Comics.  I am not a die hard fan of comics, but I do have my favorite ones, such as Spiderman and Batman, particularly Batman which has a dark theme.

In this article I found 10 comic Chrome themes from Web Store.  Most of them are Marvel Comics’ products but we also have some from DC Comics such as Batman and Superman.  Which one do you like?  Share your favorites here!


Spider Night 1 Chrome Theme

Spider Night 1


Marvel Heroes Medium Chrome Theme

Marvel Heroes Medium


Batman Arkman City Chrome Theme

Batman Arkham City


Superman Chrome Theme

Superman Theme


Batman Black Suit Chrome Theme

Spiderman Black Suit


Batman & Captain America Chrome Theme

Batman & Captain America


Iron Man 2 Chrome Theme

Iron Man 2


Marvel's The Avengers Chrome Theme

Marvel’s The Avengers


Spidey2 Chrome Theme



Batman Unofficial Chrome Theme

Batman Unofficial

Top 10 Posts of Cloud High Club in 2011

2011 was a terrific year.  I started this blog in March and wrote 368 posts, that is more than 1 post a day.  I just did a little data mining to find out the most popular blogposts in the last year.

Below are the top 10 blog posts in 2011:

  1. How to integrate Google Plus with Facebook and Twitter
  2. Start G+: Sync your posts in Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter, show FB and Twitter streams in Google+
  3. 10 popular Japanese anime Chrome themes, Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Bleach, One Piece…
  4. How to search Google Plus posts and profiles: a missing feature
  5. 15 essential Chrome add-ons for Google Plus beginners
  6. Who to follow on Google Plus? Expand your circles by adding recommended users!
  7. Complete guide to migration from Facebook to Google+, transfer your contacts, photos and videos
  8. 10 Awesome Game Themes for Chrome, Super Mario Bros, Angry Birds, Mega Man and more
  9. Chromebook vs Android Tablet: Does Touch UI Matter?
  10. Top 10 Google Chrome movie themes, Harry Potter, Transformer, Kung Fu Panda and more

I definitely think that 2011 was the “year of social network”.


2011: The Year of Social Network

Google Plus

6 out of the top 10 posts are related to social networks.  And the majority of them talks about Google Plus tips and tools.  This is certainly not an objective truth about the social network market shares, but more due to my personal preference of writing about Google’s services and products (Google+, Chromebook, Chrome).

2011 was not the first year when social networks are invented.  It is however the year when a major market player, Google+, was released and when different social networks received major changes to the user interface and features (e.g. Facebook and Twitter).  We internet users are so eager to share, making social sites the hottest market in the IT field.

The popularity of social sharing will definitely continue to grow in 2012.  If you count the time you spend on the internet, you would find that at least half (or mroe) of the time is spent on social sites.


You Like Chrome Themes?  I Give You More.

Megan Fox Google Chrome Theme

A little surprise is that 3 Chrome theme review posts got into the top 10.  I started introducing and reviewing Chrome themes to build a regular column on Sunday.  It turned out that people like giving their Chrome browser a new look once in a while.  An even greater surprise is that Japanese anime themes occupied position #3 on the top 10 list.  I was not aware of the fact that there are so many Japanese anime fans in the English world.

Chrome themes would definitely be a major topic that I’ll write more in 2012.  (BTW, the above is my favorite Chrome theme in 2011)


Mobile Internet Devices

Chrome OS Tablet Conceptual Design

#9 goes to Chromebook vs Android Tablet: Does Touch UI Matter?, a blog post that I compared my Chromebook and my 7″ tablet.  I am not sure how you people categorize these two kinds of machines, but I’ll take them as “mobile internet devices” (what an old school term by the way).  I said “internet” instead of “computer” because I believe most tablet uses surf the web and use apps to connect to the internet (Facebook, YouTube, emailing…).  Chromebook is certainly even more web-centric.

To me, the reason I use Chromebook and tablet is they are fast and direct routes to the internet.  Besides, they are lightweight and not power-demanding.  Unlike my Macbook that I have to charge the battery everyday, my Chromebook could last for a week given approximately the same usage.

Obviously all IT giants know about this, so Apple has already released iPad and produced the smallest Macbook Air (only 11″).  Google is said to have their own branded android tablet this year.  Amazon also has Kindle Fire that rocked the market.



Cloud High Club

This is a wrap up of what my readers liked the most in 2011.  I will be writing more about these topics in Cloud High Club.  Are you one of the “social-network-Chrome-theme-mobile-internet-device”-holic?

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