Google April Fools (2) – Really Advanced Search, Inter-planet Analytics, Voice for Pets

The second round of Google’s April Fools!  This time we have a “really” advanced search, Google Analytics that shows traffic from the universe and Google Voice for your pets.


Really Advanced Search

This version of Advanced Search allows users to search for:

  • “words almost, but not quite entirely unlike” your phrase
  • “rhyming slang for” your phrase
  • exact word or phrase, whose sum of unicode code points is a mersenne prime
  • “subtext or innuendo for” your phrase
and some more… you can also narrow the search results by “font”, “textured background”, “looping midi music” etc.  I wish this “Really Advanced Search” comes true someday.  If Google is really this intelligent, we could get much more accurate search results that suit our particular needs.

Google Really Advanced Search


Google Voice for Pets

This new product features “technology originally developed for NASA spacesuits”.  A LED emitter could project a virtual keyboard on the ground for your pet to type messages (if you pet knows how to tap).  By putting a collar on your pet’s neck, what is “said” by it wuold be collected and uploaded to your Google Voice account.  The voicemail transcription engine will translate your pet’s messages into English.  There is even an Android app to make voice call to your pet!

Google Voice for Pets

What would happen if you “Call” your pet?  Will the system translate your voice into cat meows?


Interplanetary Reports by Google Analytics

My final pick is Google Analytics.  For the first time we can track the visits by our extraterrestrial friends!  This new function shows the visitor number from Mars,Venus, Jupiter…  The following screenshot shows a web site with around 200 hundred visitors from some planets:

Interplanetary Google Analytics Reports

If this could happen, I want to see friend from Mars landing on my site too!


Read more:


There are lots and lots more April fools by Google and other tech companies such as Google Fiber Bars, Google Street Views by kangaroos, super miniature Ultrabook by Sony, Reddit timeline, etc.  Find out more from these April Fool Round-ups:


Calling from Gmail in 38 new languages, reach over 150 destinations

Calling from Gmail using Google Voice to mobile or landline is now available in 38 languages.  While in the past you can only make calls from the US, users in some other countries can now use this service.

Users can buy credits in your choice of four currencies: Euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars or USD.  Rates are lowered to encourage more users to use this service, for example, calling to UK, France and Germany landlines is only USD 0.02/min.  A complete list of rates could be found here.  Of course, as Google already promised, US and Canada users can still enjoy local calls for free until end of 2011.

Google Voice - Calling Rates

Looks like Google is quite eager to win this market, since they are trying to make Google Voice cheaper than other VoIP services.


via Official Gmail Blog

Gizmo5 shuts down, make way for Google Voice & Gmail

Gizmo5 to close down for Google Voice and Gmail

The VOIP service provider, Gizmo5, announced that its services will be discontinued since 3 April 2011.  Current users are encouraged to transfer credits to their Google Voice account or get a refund.  The announcement page also recommended users to make calls right from Gmail.

Google acquired Gizmo5 in 2009.  It is believed that Google had since integrated Gizmo5’s technology into Google’s services, such as the function to make calls directly from Gmail.  However, currently not all Gizmo5’s functions are transferred to Google Voice / Gmail.  For example, internal call forwarding is yet to be seen on Google.

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