Google I/O 2011 Attendees, Claim Your FREE Samsung 3G Chromebook NOW!

Google Started Sending Out Google Chromebooks to I/O 2011 Attendees

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We already knew that Google will giveaway free Chromebooks to I/O 2011 attendees.  Now it was reported that Google started sending emails to Google I/O 2011 attendees and ask them to fill out registration form for claiming their free Chromebooks.  The Chromebook given out is Samsung Series 5 3G model.  The machines could only be delivered to launch countries, i.e. US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

Requests must be send and confirmed by Friday 8 July 2011.  Lucky attendees, please action now!


Not Google I/O 2011 attendees? I’m sorry.  Buy your Chromebook from Amazon or BestBuy!

Access your desktop application on Chrome OS via Citrix Receiver, available soon

Citrix Receiver for Chromebook

(Image via Citrix Receiver Official Site)

Citrix announced updates to Citrix Receiver to allow corporates to bring desktop apps and data to a number of new platforms including Chrome OS.  This HTML5 based application will be launched in Chrome Web Store soon.

This new webapp enables Chrome OS users to access many desktop applications right in their browser.  See how Google Enterprise Blog described this:

This is great news for businesses and schools that want to take advantage of a modern browser-based operating system while preserving access to their existing desktop applications. At I/O for instance, we demonstrated Citrix Receiver running on Chromebooks and accessing a virtualized version of Adobe® Photoshop® right from the browser.

I have been using Citrix’s apps in the office to remotely run desktop applications but it only supports a few desktop operation systems like Windows.  Now with Chromebook probably I could run the same apps with my Chromebook.  And it’s based on HTML5 so it should be fast.  What a great news!

You can try a demo of this app at, or watch the demonstration by Citrix in the Google I/O 2011: Read more »

Google I/O 2011: Day 1 roundup

Google i/o 2011

Yesterday I posted an article about the 5 things to expect in Google I/O 2011.  I made the following predictions:

  1. Chrome OS devices
  2. Chrome OS commercial release (and enterprise edition)
  3. A new Google TV
  4. Google’s multimedia streaming services (music and movie)
  5. Latest Android update (Ice Cream Sandwich)

On the first day of the developer conference, the last three items were touched upon:

A New Google TV

Google TV with Android 3.1

(Image source: Engadget)

Although not many details were given, Google announced that the updated Google TV would run Android 3.1.  Developers can use the SDK for Honeycomb tablets to develop apps for Google TV.  Apps Market for Google TV would be opened.  Samsung, Vizio, Sony and Logitech will release Google TV products.

Music and Movie Streaming

Google Music Beta

(Image source: Engadget)

Google opened a service called Google Music beta, which allows users to upload their own songs to the cloud server and listen on PC and Android devices.  Since Google failed to get license from major music labels, buying of songs through Google Music beta is not possible.

YouTube Movies

(Image source: Engadget)

In contrast, Google got the support of Universal, Sony and Warner Brothers to put 3000+ movies on YouTube Movies for rental.  This service is available on PC (via YouTube) and later on Android devices as well.

Android Update

Yes, Ice Cream Sandwich will come in Q4 2011, but there’s more.  Google announced an idea called Android@Home which aims at automation of your electrical appliances at home.  Intelligent home is coming!

Sum Up

Looks like we have to wait until tomorrow to hear about Chrome OS.  Forbes has made a blog report that Google may offer a student package for renting Chrome notebooks at $20 per month.  From what we got today, it looks like Google is going full steam ahead to develop cloud applications (Google TV and multimedia streaming rely heavily on the cloud).


YouTube Movies updated with 3000+ Movies

YouTube Movies

(Image source: Engadget)

If you go to the YouTube Movies page you’ll find a lot more choices out there.  There are new and well-known movies such as Harry Potter, The King’s Speech, Green Hornet… for rental.  Yes, following the deal made by Google with SOny, Warner Brothers and Universal, over 3000 titles are gradually added to the collection.

It’s also announced in today’s Google I/O 2011 that the movies are not only available in PC but Android as well.  Looks like Google is directly challenging Apple’s similar business in iTunes with a wider coverage of devices (PC, smartphones, tablets and TV).


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