3 Awesome Alternatives to ReadItLater Applications for iOS Devices!

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For your consideration are offered the reviews of 3 awesome applications for iPhones/iPads that can replace ReadItLater tool easily.

Instapaper: more than just a run-of-the-mill offline reader!

Price in the AppStore: $ 4.99


Instapaper is the most expensive of all there apps but it definitely is worth of every penny since it has so many outstanding features to offer.

To start with, the tool has a very convenient navigation. The best full-screen mode works in Instapaper comparing to other two applications. In this mode developers removed all the elements of the interface, so a user could focus only on reading the text. To return to the list of saved contents or open the options, simply click on the screen to leave the full-screen mode.

Great sharing option is another advantage of using Instapaper. By linking your Instapaper account with Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, you can easily post your articles, notes, images and videos on these sites.

However, Instapaper provides the most terrible night mode I have ever seen, so if you prefer night reading you may change your mind on buying this app from the AppStore.

Pocket app is better and improved ReadItLater!

Offered for free in the AppStore

Pocket app


Pocket app is like a direct reincarnation of ReadItLater that appeared due to the desire to move away slightly from the text format and add to the standard ReadItLater functions an ability to work offline with the saved from the Internet images and view videos. Pocket app offers us the streaming video and posting photos in one bottle.

Pocket has more sophisticated sorting capabilities that ReadItLater. You can sort the saved web data by type of content – text articles, video and images. Such option makes it easier to navigate.

Pocket has been recently updated with a stunning night mode for reading saved text from the Internet at night. However, its full-screen mode is a bit lame since it doesn’t allow reading only text without seeing other options of the program. Another drawback is poor customization of fonts.

I also liked the great editing features in Pocket app. Taking into account that the program focuses on images and video offline reading, you can imagine that it represents an ideal way to view video content.

Speaking about the sharing abilities, Pocket in this respect is the most advanced program of all three because it offers to send content even on such sites like Reddit, Pinboard and Evernote.

Readability: awesome free service for offline work with saved Internet content!

Offered for free in the AppStore



A newcomer in this niche is Readability that provoked caused a lot of noise since its release in March, as an essential clone of Pocket only completely free. As a result, Pocket has nothing left to do as to become free as well.

Readability should be used as an alternative to Pocket and Instapaper due to its unique extra features:

  • highly customizable editing of saved text files – five fonts, with the ability to alter the size and other standard editing options;
  • the night mode is simply perfect – by changing the background to a dark color and regulating the scale of brightness you will be able not just to avoid the glare from device’s screen during night reading, but also to reduce vision tension.

However, Readability’s full-screen mode is the weakest option. During reading you will have to see along with text a toolbar that can’t be switched off.


My verdict to these applications:

1) Instapaper application is without a doubt the best program in this list. It provides the excellent functionality, small cost, reliability and versatility – all these functions are available in Instapaper.

2) Pocket app will do for those users who want to work in offline mode with saved video and graphic content downloaded from the Internet.

3) Readability app will a good solution for your needs, if you want good service for offline reading saved Internet content for free.

Do you agree or disagree with my reviews and rating? Leave your comments and share your experience of using these analogues of ReadItLater apps!



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