How to Check Image Properties on Web Pages Instantly

Sometimes you may want to know the properties of an image on a web site, probably since you want to download it as wallpaper, download it as clip art for your own site, save and print it, forward to friends…  You would want to know the dimensions of the EXIF data, image, file size, URL and some other details.  The Chrome extension introduced today, Image Properties Context Menu, helps you to achieve this without having to download the file to your hard disk first.


Check Image Properties on Web Pages Instantly

Image Properties Context Menu Chrome extension brings up a new window that reveals the following information:

  • EXIF Data
  • Location (URL of the page)
  • Source
  • Dimensions
  • Original dimensions if the image is shown resized
  • Alt text
  • File Size
  • MIME Type

Image Properties Chrome Extension

One thing I particularly like about this extension is EXIF data display.  I like shooting photos and studying other people’s photos.  If I found a great shot, I would like to know the aperture, exposure time and ISO settings.  I may even want to know the camera the photographer used to take that picture.  Instead of downloading the image file, I can directly check these information right in Chrome.

If you are a web designer, this is also a helpful tool for finding and downloading clip arts.  You can know if the image is large enough to fill a particular space on the web page.  You copy and paste the URL of the page and the image URL to your clip book for re-use later.


Chrome Extension:

Pictarine: All social photos in one timeline, yours and your friends’

Today’s featured web app is Picarine, a tool that pulls photos from various social sites and blends into a single photo gallery.  These photos come from your own social accounts and your friends’.  The best of all, you can download them into your hard drive.  It is both a sharing and back-up tool.

Pictarine: All your photos in one timeline

Pictarine requires registration to use, which is free.  The range of sites you can download photos from include:

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Dropbox
  • 500px
  • Shutterfly
  • Photobucket
  • Twitpic
  • Lockerz
  • Windows Live
  • Mobypicture
  • Yfrog

And your computer too.

Pictarine - Zest of life - All your photos in one timeline

There are two basic ways to view the photos.  Firstly, you can navigate between them by selecting different sources (Flickr, Facebook, etc.).  Secondly, you can use keyword search to find out specific photos like “wedding” and “graduation”.

Pictarine - browse

Photos in Pictarine could be downloaded to your hard drive.  These include your own photos, your friends’ shared ones and those you are tagged in.  This makes Pictarine a useful tool for backing-up your photos in social networks.  Many people have been complaining about the lack of convenient means to download thier online photos frmo some social sites, Pictargine filled this gap.



Who should use Pictarine?  Obviously those who like sharing photos and those who like viewing them.  It has been a growing trend to integrate different social sites.  There are many computer and online tools for centralizing publication and reading of updates on social sites.  Now Pictarine provides a platform for the centralized management of social photos.

(Image source: Chrome Web Store)


Chrome Web App:

Official Site:

The Best FREE Imaging and Graphics Web Apps, Picnik, Sketchpad and Sumo Paint

It’s Productivity Monday!  Every Monday I review web apps and share tips of productivity and work management.  SUBSCRIBE to RSS feed or email updates to know more!

From time to time I need to process images in my office but the only tool installed in the Windows 7 computer is Paint.  Luckily there are many FREE web apps that are as much as (or even more) powerful than many professional and paid local apps for Windows.  In this post I’ll introduce 3 of the best imaging and graphics web apps for Chrome.


Picnik Chrome Web App for Photo Editing


Picnik is my favorite if I need to do a quick editing of photos.  It provides the basic features such as crop, rotate, exposure, color adjustment, sharpen and resize.  There are many filters you can apply, apart the common ones such as pixelize, lomo, pencil sketch etc., there are some featured effects such as Halloween-related ones.  Other than adjusting the photos, you can add text, stickers (pre-set images applied on your photo) and frames.

Picnik Effects

I think it basically covered most of the common photo editing needs of ordinary users.  And the user interface is easy to use.  Most settings could be made by sliders or one to two clicks.

Edited photos could be saved as JPG and PNG (quality settings applicable).  Alternatively, you can directly publish the photo to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Photobucket right from Picnik.  This web app works on Chromebook, I frequently use in on my Cr-48.  Its curent user count is over 500,000 as shown on Chrome Web Store.

In Chrome Web Store:

Non-Chrome Users Go Here:



If you love graffiti or doodling, Sketchpad is an app you must try.

Sketchpad Chrome Web App

It has a wide range of brushes and details settings of each brush.  There are also stamps and patterns that you can apply to create your unique painting.

It is not a photo editing app but a paining tool.  If you enjoy creating your paint this is your app.  It’s current user number is around 170,000 worldwide.

In Chrome Web Store:

Non-Chrome Users:


Sumo Paint

To do some serious image processing, I choose Sumo Paint.  It can perform most of the tasks that people do with Photoshop.  Unless you need those professional-only tools, Sumo Paint is a one-stop solution.

Sumo Paint Chrome Web App

Paint, ink, fill, selection, stamp… all basic tools are available.  You certainly can use layers as how you use them in Photoshop.  Flip, mirror, crop, resize, layer effects, color adjustment, filters… not only are these tools included, they work just like other desktop imaging software.  You don’t have to spend hours to learn before using Sumo Paint.  It has over 30,000 users.

In Chrome Web Store:

Non-Chrome Users:

[chrome extension] zzllrr Imager: Bulk download all images on web page

Today’s featured Chrome extension is a powerful tool. It can download all images on a web page in one go. It is great for grabbing images in photo gallery (e.g. Flickr), social networks (e.g. Facebook) and Google Image Search.  It can obtain large photos (instead of thumbnails) in Facebook and Flickr.

zzllrr Imager - Chrome Web Store


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