Google SVP: Chrome Beats Internet Explorer

In the latest All Things Digital conference (D10), Google’s SVP, Sundar Pichai, confirms that according to their internal web traffic data, Chrome is the number 1 web browser in most countries and gets over 50% market share in many regions.  This means that Chrome has overtaken IE to become the most popular web browser:

Chrome grew roughly 300 percent last year – we have hundreds of millions of active users. We have many ways of looking at it. You can argue about the data, but in general I think we have gained substantial mindshare since we’ve launched the product. I think it’s fair to say that we are number one or number two in all countries in the world. It’s fair to say that roughly a third of people are using Chrome; I think it’s much more than a third in the consumer space. [Emphasis added]

This news basically confirms what Statcounter found earlier this year, that Chrome overtook IE in the web browser market.  Chrome’s market share in the week of 14 May to 20 May, according to Statcounter, was 32.76% while IE had only 31.94%.  This is the first time Chrome overtook IE, according to Statcounter.  Besides, Chrome had already beaten Firefox in 2011.

Statconter - Browser Market Share

Source: TechCrunch

[Google Chrome Tutorial] How to Import Browser Data in Chrome

I’m a Chrome advocate who always recommends Google Chrome to friends.  While most of them are attracted by the clean and easy-to-use user interface, fast speed and vast variety of Chrome extensions, some of them are still reluctant to try.  The major reason is that they don’t want the hassle to migrate their existing data such as bookmarks from one browser to a new one.

In this article, I’ll show you how easy it is to switch from other browsers to Chrome.  It is very easy that takes a few minutes only.


Exporting Bookmarks and Settings from Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox

In Chrome browser, click the wrench icon and choose “Bookmarks”.  Select “Import Bookmarks and Settings”.

Google Chrome Tutorial - Import Bookmarks and Settings

You will be brought to a pop up window asking you from which browser in your computer you want to import and what to import.  Depending on the browser you used, you can import browsing history, bookmarks, saved passwords and search engines.

Google Chrome Tutorial - Import Data from Browser

Import Bookmarks from Other Browsers

What if I do not use any of the above browsers?  Well, you can still export bookmarks and import to Chrome.

Usually browsers have a function to export bookmarks.  Run this to export your bookmarks into a HTML file.  Then, go to Chrome, click the wrench icon, choose “Bookmarks” and then “Bookmark Manager”.

In Bookmark Manager, click “Organize” and choose “Import Bookmarks from HTML file…”.  Open your saved HTML file.  Done!

Google Chrome Tutorial - Import Bookmarks from HTML File

Similarly, you can export your bookmarks in Google Chrome to a HTML file and import in other browsers.  How about transferring bookmarks among Chrome browsers on different computers?  Well, you don’t have to.  Simply choose to sync your data and every Chrome you use would have exactly the same bookmarks and settings!  You can find this option by clicking the wrench icon > “Preference” (or Settings, Options… depending on the operation system your computer runs) > “Personal Stuff” > “Set Up Sync”.

[chrome extension] Google Related finds more relevant info when you browse

Google released a browser extension, Google Related, that brings you relevant information to you when you browse web pages.  It is available as a Chrome extension and Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

Google Related: Find Relevant Map, News, Images, Videos

Once installed, this extension seeks to find out information that you may be interested in when browsing web pages.  These data are shown on a buttom bar.  For example, when you read the web page of a restaurant, Google Related may show you the Google Map location, restaurant reviews and news.  I ran a trial on the White House official site.  You can find a white information bar at the bottom of the page.  Let’s have a closer look of it:

Google Related - Map

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Chrome gets 20% share in browser market


StatCounter worldwide data of browser popularity

Chrome is used by over one fifth of the internet users worldwide, according to StatCounter, a website analytics company.  It captured 20.7% market share in June 2011, a great leap forward from the 2.8% two year ago.  On the other hand, Internet Explorer dropped from 59% to 44% in the same period and Firefox dropped slightly from 30% to 28%.

via Gigaom

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