New Jolicloud Opens Private Beta Testing

Jolicloud, the best cloud-centric operation system IMO (read my Jolicloud vs Chrome OS article), is getting even better (hopefully).  A few weeks ago I mentioned that there will be a major update, now Jolicloud just announced that private beta testing of this new version would be launched soon.

New Jolicloud beta

We are yet to know what exactly Jolicloud is contemplating, but I guess it involves an integration of popular web services into a single desktop.  If you want to be part of the private beta, just click “learn more” on the main screen and then sign up for it.

Jolicloud private beta


A whole new Jolicloud coming in fall, now inviting private beta testers

Jolicloud, the best cloud desktop in my opinion, announced that a whole new version would be available soon in this fall.  You can register for private beta which will be launched later.

New Jolicloud Private BetaWe are yet to see what’s new about Jolicloud, but from the promotional image we could find quite some social traces like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  If you apply for private beta testing, you would find the following screen:

Jolicloud beta testing application

Looks like this new Jolicloud is very socially-enabled.  The Jolicloud desktop will be available in Chrome Web Store, Android Market, iOS App Store and Joli OS App Center (Joli OS is a web-centric OS based on Linux).

Find out more from Jolicloud’s official page.

Joli OS gets Firefox 5 and Chrome 13, plus lots of web apps including Google+ and Angry Birds


Joli OS 1.2 launcher

Image source: Joli OS official page

Joli OS, the best web-centric OS on earth (IMHO), is back with some updates.  Firefox now returns to Joli OS in its latest version 5, Chrome browser is upgraded to version 13, and some other plug-ins and apps such as Dropbox and Adobe AIR have been updated to the newest version.  You’ll find a notification on the desktop when things start to roll out.

For web apps, Joli OS is bringing you even more web apps directly available from the app center.  Popular apps such as Google+, Angry Birds, Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player are included.

via Joli OS Blog

BrowserLinux: A simple web-centric OS

Screenshot of BrowserLinux version 401

(Image via BrowserLinux official page)

We have seen cloud-based operation systems like Chrome OS and Joli OS which are feature-rich.  Today we are going to look at a stripped down operation system, BrowserLinux.  If you want a really fast OS that serves only one function, web surfing, BrowserLinux worths a try.

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